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Oct 1, 2009

Impressions of Rafał's new CD by admirers of his music in Poland

"Wow, I can’t find words!!! I am enchanted and bewildered...
Rafał and orchestra play magnificently!!!
I am moved by the second movements of both concertos..."(by Beata)

"Wow, how he sings, how wonderful story he tells, how it is fresh,
how it is youthful, thought-out, simply brilliant, genius!!!

What pianissimo he has, you will "fall over"!!!
I didn't know that one can play like him, so softly and so audibly simultaneously,
it is incredible". (by Ola)

I’ve just returned home after working and found the new CD (EU import version) of Rafał had been delivered.
Of course I immediately opened it and began listening.
I must say that it is Rafał’s Chopin concerto. Everything is Rafał. What he said in many interviews are true. What were written by music critics are true. But there is more.

If I listen to the recording again and again, it will be getting more difficult to express my emotions. It will be difficult to describe his sound accurately.

(This is what my friend Dana from Poland said. After listening to the new CD, she said that she was so impressed that it takes some time for her to write her impression.

She said,
"Akiko, I cannot find the words to write about my feelings, there are no words which could be adequate.
These like beautiful, wonderful, brilliant etc… are not sufficient.

For me now there are nature, mountains, woods, fields, sea, ocean, I am there when I am listening to them.

I had problem to write text with wishes for Rafał's nameday because of perfection and feelings in both concertos.
All the typical wishes would not be sufficient".)

I'm with her now.
For now what I can say is that Rafał must have been very happy when performing these pieces for recording.
It is his music.
Unbelievably beautiful.

I'm extremely happy to happen to know this great young master. introduces the new CD.

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