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Oct 13, 2009

Pundits admire Blechacz Chopin Concertos (Poland)

The following URL is for a review on Oct. 10, 2009 by Tomasz Sztuka in Gazeta Prawna.
It was sent to me by Roman who says that the review is very good.

Thank you very much Roman for your kind & warm support (as always).

Unfortunately, I couldn't access this site. I don't know what is wrong. I tried to reach using two different PCs and different browsers (IE and Chrome), trying to access from google search, to read cache... with no avail.
Maybe some IP addresses aren't routed to the site....
Hope that this is an isolate incident.

Anyway, if you can read Polish, plrease read this "good" review.
From the URL, please scroll down to the picture of Blechacz to select the article.

↑ After posting this part, I received the Polish text of the review copied by Dana.
Thaaaaank you!!
Now I'm occupied by my job and I'll read & work on this (maybe) the day after tomorrow...

...And it was posted (English)

The following segment is a comment on Chopin Concerto in E minor from Blechacz's new CD
by Adam Rozlach from his program of Poland Radio 1 "KONCERT CHOPINOWSKI"
which was broadcast on September 19.

Dana listened to the program, prepared the English description and sent to me for all of us.
Deepest appreciation to Dana for her strong commitment to supporting her favorite artist (as always).

The sound of this album is magnificent. You can admire the concerto E-Minor for its swing, impetus, energy, you can taste it, its music is poetry and an example of master articulation.
This Concerto is above all played in a very natural way, during which all the time you can feel Rafal's thinking. The play continues to go forward, there is the great impetus but there is at the same time a great finesse of play and the refinement very typical of Chopin. From the presentation of the theme Blechacz takes us to another heavenly straight realm of feelings, melancholic melody enchants us by subtleness but also by a pearly articulation. The sounds glisten the noblest shades and what is the most important the pianist doesn't lose this finesse even in the most dramatic places, the culminations he never escapes from the beauty, the poetry of sound. After the spiritual lyrical poem at once he directs the dramaturgy by the tensions. All is logical and everything very cohesive as the whole.
In the details the dialogue appears here between the piano and the French horn, we admire simply the common breathing of musicians.
The first 20 minutes pass very quickly as if the 1st movement lasted just a couple minutes.
It is a very absorbing play, concentrating the attention, which can't fall.
It is clear, distinct and convincing. There is no single sound which is not important for the music itself or the sound. What's more, the amplitude of colours of his piano is unbelievable, so large and so rich.
Blechacz's performance is an absolute masterpiece. The orchestra follows him in an incredible way, so incredible way, so softly, so sensitively with an amazing musicality.
The romance is poetry, great poetry of sounds arranged and realized. At the beginning slow and delicate then everything goes further giving us a stunning combination of the first three sounds with violins tremolo on the background, we have the impression that those sounds are like sleeping, what a superb effect. No place for reason, no place for pretending anything. The bells sound magic in the crucial moment. Blechacz's touch is beyond any possible description, the way he touches the keyboard with his fingertips is just stunning.
In the 3 rd movement everything goes quite fast, sometime perhaps even too fast, but Blechacz wouldn't be Blechacz if he would not set back a little. All this is full of finesse, virtuosity and this rush and temperament wins in the daring finale.
The entire concerto is very cohesive and homogeneous, perfectly arranged excellently performed by all.
The choice of Maestro Semkow and RCO by Blechacz is the evidence of his wisdom and maturity. Nowadays he is aware of what he ought to do and what priorities he has.

The end
One listener said,
"Blechacz's CD is the diamond on my CD-shelves".

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