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Oct 5, 2009

Red carpet with Blechacz for his Chopin Concertos

Review by Elisabeth Richter posted on NDR kultur site (Germany) on Oct.5,
the date of international release of Blechacz's CD "Chopin The Piano Concertos".

Rafał Blechacz: Chopin - Piano Concertos
Presented by Elisabeth Richter

Audiences and critics are full of praise for Rafał Blechacz, who gives recitals around the world and was taken by Deutsche Grammophon under the (exclusive) contract. Two CDs have been released, and now Blechacz gives an unofficial jump-start of the Chopin Year 2010: He recorded the two piano concertos with the Concertgebouw Orchestra of Amsterdam under Jerzy Semkow.

Frederic Chopin was barely twenty years old as he wrote his two piano concertos, in 1829 and -30. He lived in Warsaw with his family, he composed a lot, he was in love, there were heated discussions with friends. During trips to the country he studied folk music, wrote prose texts and drew sketches. He quickly developed a distinctive personal style that he refined for life.

Rafał Blechacz is not only a Pole as Chopin, but he is also approximately of the same age as Chopin, when he composed his piano concertos. He at least has the best conditions, a pole knows the typical Polish facets of Chopin's music far better than a non-Pole. And then Rafał Blechacz says - and we pay tribute to him for this - that as a pianist he should let Chopin's emotions revive again.

Monstrously fine and exact

Blechacz's playing has something very subtle and delicate, he plays incredibly elegantly, quite easily, technically effortless. It should be respected, because playing easily is not for this music. At the same time, Blechacz beautifully internalized the proud, heroic characteristic style of Chopin’s piano-concertos. This sounds upright, honest, but not intrusive.

Furthermore, Blechacz is a very exact pianist, he doesn't work sloppily, doesn't cheat, in that he puts in the pedal too much, there every sound is well audible. The attack is perfectly balanced and rich in nuances. A stroke of luck is that he also has Conductor Jerzy Semkow and the Concertgebouw orchestra. Please follow the pianist of big sensitivity and versatility, and roll out the red carpet with him for Chopin’s concertos.

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