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Nov 14, 2009

Blechacz enruptured Baden-Baden (recital review)

Rafał Blehcacz gave a matinee recital at Festspielhaus Baden-Baden, Germany on October 3.

The website of Festspielhaus posted a short review on the recital.
Please scroll down to the middle of the page to see the review on Blechacz.

Blechacz at Festspielhaus Baden-Baden on October 3.

Rafał Blechacz enraptured the audience at the Festspielhaus

Another highlight of the autumnal festivals advanced a solo-appearance of the young Polish pianist and Chopin prize winner Rafał Blechacz in the matinee on Saturday.

Refreshingly, with what appeared sympathetic understatement, this young man stepped on the podium of the Festspielhause, sat down at the piano and already knew how to bewitch listeners with the first notes of Bach's Italian Concerto.

The protégé of legendary pianist Krystian Zimerman is one of the greatest discoveries of the last time and proved this more impressively in the Festspielhaus Baden-Baden once again.

The exclusive artist for Deutsche Grammophon managed in a delicate and sparkling manner Mozart Piano Sonata KV 570, and his tonal nuance was well balanced in the works of Chopin.

The heading of the review in Badisches Tagblatt (daily newspaper) was: "Chopin in a natural river and classical clarity."
An excerpt from this discussion:

"Blechacz’s sensitivity, which can generate so much tender delicacy in Chopin, justifies his versatility at the same time.

In the early B-flat minor variations of Karol Szymanowski ... it shows all the facets of his polished, very economically used technique that can also barrage wildly in breakneck octaves and chord chains”.

See reviews on Blechacz's recital in Hamburg, Germany on Oct.6.

TV page of Australian Central Queensland News says that Ovation (TV cnannel for arts) will introduce; " angelic recording of the Chopin Piano Concertos from Rafal Blechacz,..." Sunday night via its program "Good Listening" (11:21pm - 12am, Sunday, 15 November 2009).
There is no provision of the program by the Internet.

Nice wording!
Yes, it's really "angelic".    

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