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Nov 29, 2009

Leading critics highly praise Blechacz (Japan) (3)

From "Excellent CDs of Classical Music – Volume for Musicians",
Koho Uno's thoughts on Rafał Blechacz's recording.

Read Takeshi Nakano's thoughts on Blechacz's recordings.

Koho Uno:
Born in 1930. Graduated from Dept. of vocal music, Kunitachi College of Music.
Music critic, conductor.
Author of many books of music. 


It seems that I have a keen nose for a musician;
with Richard Goode some years ago and Fazil Say more recently, guided by something mysterious, I went to their concerts although I was in a situation which would never allow me to be there because of job or health condition.

This was also the case with Rafał Blechacz.
I didn’t know why but one day a CD by a pianist whose name I hadn’t heard caught my eyes and it urged me to "listen to it immediately".
I felt I must follow the voice and began listening.
The first movement of Mozart’s Sonata k.311 made me astounded.
It was really something!!

With comfortable tempo of allegro, his exhilarating brilliant, charming and matched tones are enjoyably dancing about.
I have never ever heard a pianist with such natural and marvelously even finger flows.

Technically, he is an unusually proficient pianist! That’s said, he is never unexpressive or monotonous, rather gets perfect score for sophisticated good taste.
More than anything else, his finest sensitivity when playing pianississimo is electrifying and drove me crazy.
Usually I like to listen to the music with the possible highest volume; but for Blechacz, I lowered the volume remarkably not to compromise his delicate, exquisite tones.

Later I came to know that this pianist won the 2005 Chopin International Piano Competition.
I talked about this to Ms. Yukiko Hagiya and she said,

“Today it is difficult not to know Rafał Blechacz. I believe you are the only one who doesn’t know him, Uno-sensei,” she smiled.
(sensei= teacher, professor)

So what? It doesn’t matter whether or not I know him. I don’t care if he is the winner of the big prize. I don’t care if he is famous or not.

For me it took only the first 30 seconds to understand the phenomenal technique and musicality Blechacz has. It doesn’t take his achievements or name. Let alone opinions of other people.
What I trust is my ears only. What matters is the music per se.


Mr.Koho Uno's evaluation: ★★★★☆

Mozart Piano Sonata No.9 k.311: performance ★★★★★   recording ★★★★★

"sonatas-haydn, mozart, beethoven": performance ★★★★☆  recording ★★★★★

**To be continued. Next installment will be Mr.Akiyasu Fukushima's thoughts on Blechacz.   

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