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Dec 1, 2009

Blechacz "sonatas" recording of year,UK site

MusicWeb International of U.K.,a privately operated website for music reviews selected "recordings of the year 2009".

Rafał Blechacz's "sonatas-haydn, mozart, beethoven" was selected as one of the best recordings by Colin Clarke.
(Please scroll down to about one-third from the top of the page.)

Clarke says;
Rafael Blechacz is one of the most exciting pianists around today, and this disc only serves to underline his stature.

In the same page, Patrick Lam, another reviewer says;
(Please scroll down to near the bottom of the page.)

"If I was asked to select two recordings of Chopin Piano Concerti released from 2009 that champion themselves with the highest artistic and technical standards, Blechacz's (DG) and this one by Sa Chen (Pentatone) certainly reign at the tip of the Everest."

Read Colin Clarke's review of "sonatas" in detail.

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