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Dec 28, 2009

Revealing talent at age of 14//DG 2010 Calendar

Interview with Prof. Ewa Bukojemska who reflects on her experience of sitting in the jury of competitions for children, adolescents and adults at home and abroad.
She mentions about Rafał Blechacz who won a prize at age of 14.

Original interview (Polish)
(The link was made unavailable just after this article was posted here. --regrettable!)

.....She nicely recalls the National Chopin Piano Competition for Children and Youth in Jelenia Góra in 1999. The first edition was held in that year and from the third edition (2005) the competition was renamed the International. Prof. Bukojemska participated in the jury in 1999. One of the top prizes was won by then 14 - year-old Rafał Blechacz. - I remember it exactly, it was clear at first glance that he was a very talented boy, undoubtedly he revealed the suitability as a concert pianist. Gifted persons throw themselves before eyes. But often they lie dormant in human ability, from which something can be built, and sometimes it is something that cannot be noticed at once – the artist says. It's like the diamond grinding, you need to wake up when young, which is quite something.

He does not like to be judged. Not because it is often synonymous to fatigue or weariness. One-time event does not allow a young pianist to experience, is it too little time. It happens that during the competition an artist fails to "sell" his skills, for some reason does not present his talent.

Chopin Competition is called the dream of Polish pianist. In fact, Chopin's music is for us everything, but for the dedication to one area, one composer can take you for a long time. It is
important not to be lost, it's important to develop in different directions. - It's hard to find a balance between calm creativity and restless world. I have an ambivalent attitude to competition, popular measures of "clenched teeth," - says Bukojemska. The fact is that, gifted student fills teacher’s pride. Pride and happiness, you can "cut coupons". Stand on someone, what else is a concern, another is an investment that has to pay – she considers. The approach to the young pianist, in a sense, it is targeting a delicate matter, and therefore you should not exert pressure on him. Defeat may prove a source of deep disappointment, result of misfortune.

Behind the scenes sometimes it is cruel - as Professor Bukojemska says.

Deutsche Grammophon 2010 Calendar 42cm x 61cm, 13-page (incl. cover)
Jan: Anne-Sophie Mutter / Feb: Alice-Sara Ott / Mar: Lang Lang / Apr: Yundi Li / May: Martha Argerich / June: Hilary Hahn / July: Ryu Goto / Aug: Maria Joao Pires / Sept: Krystian Zimerman / Oct: Rafał Blechacz / Nov: Maurizio Pollini / Dec: Helene Grimaud

In Japan we have DG calendar every year which is black and white and with DG artists allocated to each month.
It is used for sales promotion by CD shops and also can be purchased.
I don't know if a DG calendar like this is produced in other countries.

I obtained the calendar today at Yamaha shop in Ginza after was informed that the calendar is still available by a friend of mine in US
(Thanks a lot. )

The cover is Herbert von Karajan (see photo above) at Berliner Philharmoniker and
October is Rafał Blechacz .
↓This photo is used for this year's calendar.

It looks like the artists are arranged in line with their concert schedule in Japan.

e.g. Rafał Blechacz will tour in Japan for all Chopin program in October.

Krystian Zimerman will give recital tour with all Chopin program in June and will play with Hagen Quartett at Tokyo Suntory Hall on Sept.28.

In an interview, Zimerman said that in autumn 2010, he would like to play pieces of Robert Schuman commemorating his 200th birthday like Chopin and piano quintet composed by Louis Vierne, a pupil of César Franck.

Maurizio Pollini will come to Japan in October.
Recitals at Tokyo Suntory Hall on Oct.17 & 23 and Nov.3.
According to an interview with Japanese music monthly, Pollini said he will play The Well Tempered Clavier by Bach in the recitals but the concert program has not been announced.

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