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Dec 22, 2009

Review of Blechacz Chopin Concerti CD (Italy)

A short review of Rafał Blechacz's CD "Chopin The Piano Concertos"
written by Girardi Enrico posted on the site of Corriere della Sera on December 20.

Corriere della Sera (Evening Courier) is an Italian daily newspaper (third in sales), published in Milan.
It is among the oldest and most reputable Italian newspapers, founded in 1876.

Original review (Italian)

Classical: Concertos by Chopin
A perfect understanding between Blechacz and Semkow

Judging from the proposed concerts and recordings, it seems that the year 2010, the bicentennial of birth of Chopin,
has already begun piece by piece.
But before the stomach is full, listening to this CD is worth doing.

Because the young winner of the prestigious' Warsaw 'Rafal Blechacz, Polish, on his debut CD,
distinguishes himself for everything that is not in fashion among the pianists who claim themselves today:

he has good technique but it is not a computer that machine-guns notes,
loves lingering with rubatos and making keyboard sing,
use the pedal gracefully,
does not consider barlines as a totem to which you need to kneel down.

In short, he plays music and does so with an excellent understanding with Jerzy Semkow, also Polish,
who directs always wonderfully Concertgebouw in Amsterdam.

Girardi Enrico

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