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Dec 18, 2009

Short review on Blechacz's new CD (Germany)

A short review of "Chopin The Piano Concertos" CD written by Manuel Brug as one of the new releases,
posted on on October 8.

(I forgot to present this review here but)
this review is excerpted on Deutsche Grammophon's page for Chopin CDs played by Blechacz.

Deutsche Grammophon page for reviews of Blechacz's Chopin CDs.

Chopin: Piano Concertos (Deutsche Grammophon)
- The Chopin years 2010 (200. birthday) already raises a long shadow in Poland.
And obviously the recording by Rafal Blechacz, their Chopin Prize winner from 2006, was drawn from his piano concerto carts.
But since these two works are almost repertoire of daily bread, at least a national compulsory, it is neither unexpected nor enforced.

Blechacz, provided by the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra under Jerzy Semkow a luxurious, discreet accompaniment foil,
plays concertos, paradoxically humble and spontaneous.

On first hearing not much remains, but the art is in details never ostentatiously exhibited.
Gently, but he is insistent on playing with rubatos, Blechacz makes itself felt,
but never presses on the sentiments and avoids placing bizarreness.
So original as a sovereign border walk – firm on the normality.


 Antoni Wit, the musical director of the Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra talks about the orchestra's plan in the coming Chopin year 2010.
The interview was posted on (Polish) on December 17.

English of the interview (machine-translated)

In the interview, Wit suggests that on January 20, the orchestra will inaugurate the Chopin year at the parliament with Rafał Blechacz as a soloist.

-- Interviewer: About the concerts to be held in the Chopin Year which are not yet mentioned in the current plan of Philharmonic.

-- Antoni Wit: On January 20 inauguration of the Year of Chopin will be held in the parliament (Sejm). Soloist will be Rafał Blechacz. It was agreed to play a concerto in the same scene, in which we executed in August, "Requiem" by Mozart, which met with great acclaim and interest not only from the parliament, but - through television - virtually the whole society. Therefore, I am very pleased that such an inauguration shared by Rafał Blechacz was proposed.

(As of today, Deutsche Grammophon's concert schedule page for Blechacz says that he will play a recital in Bydgoszcz on Jan.20.)

(The fact was that on Jan.20, 2010, Piotr Paleczny was the soloist for the inauguration concert at the parliament. )     

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