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Jan 28, 2010

Blechacz impressed a Milanese-from a blog in Milan

A comment of Rafał Blechacz's recital in Milan on Jan.26, written by a woman in the audience and posted on her blog on the following day.

Orinigal (Italian)

Rafał Blechacz, born in 1985, is one of the most quoted Chopin performers of recent years. Not by chance: in 2005 the young pianist literally swept the fifteenth edition of the Chopin Prize in Warsaw. He gained not only a gold medal as the best performer, but the other side four trophies: best performance of mazurkas, polonaise best execution, best execution of a sonata and best performance of a concerto. One of the judges has shrugged: "Blechacz was so superior as to prevent the award of the second prize to the other finalists." Not bad for the twenty-four whose face is so neat that it is hard to tell his real age. But Rafał has a secret: his passport = The Polish like Chopin. And Polish-ness is his Chopin music. Nervous, lightly poetic but snappy, very far from saccharine languors stratified by years of vulgate Paris.

In Poland, Jan.2007

Precisely for this reason I was very happy to hear it live at the Sala Verdi in the season of Società del Quartetto (the Society of the Quartet). Tickets at 5 euros for those under 30, big precious opportunities for young classical music lovers and performers of the most acclaimed landscape today (the next one is Murray Perahia).

I admit having been tired of all the same interpretations of Chopin, making extensive use of rubatos, even where it could well done without.

And Rafał, for this, I was not disappointed.
The first part of the concert was devoted to three giants of historical pianism: Bach (Partita No 1, good), Mozart (Sonata KV570, excellent), Debussy (Pour le piano, a suite of three times amazing: Blechacz executed lightly the French impressionist piece which often tends to fray, restoring a structural clarity that is a miracle of composition. And the final Toccata has left me open-mouthed).

The Polish brought Chopin in the second part. And the only concern for me was the arrangement of songs, probably strategically starting with the Scherzo No. 1 and ending with the Polonaise-Fantasie looks like a descending climax, but there you are. Anyway, the spotlight will be on the slender figure and ephebic oath (an oath for a young person to become a full-fledged citizen in ancient Greece) by the pianist.

Technically impressive, he shows maturity.
His Chopin is not manneristic, but just as with Debussy, reveals the structure of the composition.

Not losing sight in the emotion. Scherzo, three Mazurkas Op. 50 and the Polonaise-Fantasie, with his alternating fits of inspiration at thoughtful times.

Half an hour flied and evoked an internal Polonia, which is a state of mind, not the most stereotyped popular culture.
Ovations and two encores much appreciated.

Viva Rafał and viva the new promising level of pianism today.

Universal Italy site for Blechacz ←very beautiful!!

Accademia Nazionale Di Santa Cecilia, introducing Blechacz, Zimerman and Pollini for its series of "Homage to Chopin".    

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