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Jan 6, 2010

Blechacz-World Career and Sunday Mass (review)

Review of CD "Chopin The Piano Concertos" written by Monika Willer posted on Derwesten, Germany, on Jan.4.

Original review (German)

Rafał Blechacz - World Career and Sunday Mass
by Monika Willer

Rafał Blechacz playing a Chopin piano concertos. Blechacz is one of the most fascinating personalities of the current music scene, because he can not be blinded by all the hype.

The music world will celebrate in 2010 the 200th Birthday of Polish composer Frederic Chopin. The young Polish pianist Rafał Blechacz opened the round of festivities with a sensational recording of Chopin's two piano concertos in E minor and F minor.

The young musician is only 24 years old – Chopin was some twenty years old when he wrote his two piano concertos. He lived in Warsaw with his family, composed a lot, and studied folk music, led hot political discussions with his friends - and he was in love.

Rafał Blechacz since his triumph at the Chopin Competition 2005, where he won all five awards at once, has been an internationally sought-after pianist. Blechacz is one of the most fascinating personalities of the current music scene, because he can not be blinded by all the hype. Especially in the Piano Circus' careers a young pianist often rises rocketing into the sky to fall faster again.
Everyone knows the young musician, who wants to appear less publicly in 2010 to study philosophy at the University of Poznan. [sic.]

This intelligence, combined with an overwhelming joy of playing, makes Blechacz a special artist. The two Chopin concertos he plays with a brilliant and beaming tone, which always remains incomparably singing. Especially the "Romance", the slow movement of the E minor concerto is so dreamy to a declaration of love.

Blechacz has the virtuoso strength demanded by the great romantic repertoire, he has technical proficiency that is unparalleled. But what fills his famous older colleague pianist (=Chopin) with even more enthusiasm, is the richness of color, the warmth of his playing smart.

World star’s behavior is not much sensed by the highly gifted Pole. If he's in his hometown of Nakło nad Notecią, he plays the organ on Sundays at the mass. Exactly with the same dedication as now, the two Chopin concertos with the Amsterdam Concertgebouw Orchestra under the great conductor Jerzy Semkow.

↓ Fragment of a review of Chopin's playing in 1829, offered by Dana.
She found a similarity of the two Polish musicians.

A review of Chopin's performance in Vienna (1th Sept.1829)

This is a young man who goes his own way and knows how to please in this way, although his way of playing and compositions differ from the usual forms of concerts; he primarily has aspirations for doing music rather than suiting public’s taste and being showy.

"Jest to mlodzieniec, ktory idzie wlasna droga i umie sie na tej drodze podobac, aczkolwiek jego sposob gry, jak komponowania, odbiegaja od zwyklych form koncertowych, przede wszystkim w tym, ze nad checia podobania sie goruje u niego w widoczny sposob chec robienia muzyki." 

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