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Jan 29, 2010

Rafał Blechacz interview in Milan


Preview of Rafał Blechacz's recital in Milan, including an interview with the artist, written by Enrico Parola, posted on Corriere della Sera on Jan.26.

(I delayed in posting it because of the "mountain" of articles of Blechacz's Italian tour...)

Original (Italian) 

From website of Polish Consulate General in Milan

Blechacz the phenomenon: "I, my Chopin and the żal"

Music “Globalization” 

"Like the times of Frederyck, now a Polish artist who wants to grow and establish himself must leave the country and go to the world"
Rafał Blechacz 

MILAN - żal is thePolish equivalent of carioca saudade, a word translatable only through extensive paraphrases that includes sadness, frustration, longing, loneliness. And it is the secret of Rafał Blechacz to play Chopin so well. The 24-year-old pianist, who was recognized in 2005 as a worldwide phenomenon, winning not only the first prize, but also all the category awards in the competition, "Chopin" in Warsaw (the second award was not even allowed for the excessive gap), performs tonight in Milan, hosted by the Quartet. The first Partita by Bach, Mozart and "Pour le piano" by Debussy in the first part, his beloved compatriot in the second. "A pattern that I adopted in the Japanese tour - he explains - it seems to me the best way to embrace all tastes and expectations of the people."

In Milan, as in the rest of the world, especially the public expects "his" Chopin. To explain this affinity so deep is it enough that you are both Poles?

"It may sound obvious, but the answer is yes, at least as a premise. If I were to define the music of Chopin with a word, I would use żal: it is the mode we have to sum up a condition that unites us. He had to abandon his beloved homeland and loved ones, wishing or dreaming in the works he composed in distant places, like Paris. Similarly today, a Polish artist who wants to grow and establish himself must leave the country and go elsewhere."

This is the premise, but also the essence of the bond that unites Rafał with Fryderyck:

"Playing is a way to understand each other deeply. Following the feelings of the composer, the interpreter must get to the bottom of his heart. With joy and surprise, I found my own Chopin in myself. His affections, his longing for the absolute and freedom."

For Rafał method ( "If I'm at home the days are almost always the same: Wake up early, exercise, breakfast, two hours to learn new songs, because the mind is fresh. Then the afternoon and evening devoted to rehearsing, a total seven hours at piano) and philosophy (joining the University in Toruń, delighting in Plato, Aristotle and Husserl), everything has to be read from a Chopinistic perspective.

"Chopin adored Mozart and Bach, from whom he learned polyphony, and Debussy is instructive to understand the colors and timbers.

By Enrico Parola

Preview of Milan recital posted on il giornale
Blechacz reaches a homage to Chopin and Debussy:

Introduction of Blechacz – swept all the prizes in the 2005 Chopin Competition overwhelmingly, continues to be under the wing of the most famed label Deutsche Grammophon, recorded Chopin’s two concertos with the orchestra believed to be the best in the world at Concertgebouw Hall, although conductor was not Mariss Jansons. Born in Nakło nad Notecią supported by an oil company PKN Orlen. Krystian Zimerman is a good mentor.  

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