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Jan 12, 2010

Review of Blechacz CD Chopin Concertos (Denmark)

Review of CD "Chopin The Piano Concertos" posted on, a radio site of Denmark.

Original (Danish)

Written by: Jens Cornelius

Chopin: The two piano concertos

If there is someone who will be busy in the new year, he is the Polish pianist Rafał Blechacz.
2010 is the Chopin year (it has been 200 years since Chopin was born), and Rafał Blechacz is the future new major Chopin pianist. He is a contractor with compatriot Chopin. Therefore, all simply hear Chopin's music played by this young Pole. Whole Blechacz’ s calendar for 2010 has been oversubscribed by concerts.

As a prelude to the great year - for both Chopin and Rafał Blechacz - a CD is now available where Blechacz plays Chopin's two piano concertos. It is the first CD that Blechacz has recorded with an orchestra, and the result is overwhelmingly good. He plays Chopin with the same ease as you breathe. And he matches some of those greatest Chopin pianists of the past 100 years, Artur Rubinstein and Krystian Zimerman.

Rafał Blechacz 'previous CD was also named as the Weekly CD at P2. And it stands to reason - he is simply good! The jury also believed so, when Rafał Blechacz made a clean sweep at the famous Chopin Competition in Warsaw in 2005. He won first prize in all five categories, and there was so little attention to the other participants that the jury chose not to speak of any other offers.

Can you be born with a sense of a certain type of music? The idea is similar to the one discussed in the parliament these years where it is said that true Dane is dependent on both the Christian faith and rooted in Denmark's history.
When we hear Blechacz's totally instinctive sense of style and expression in Chopin's music, we are inclined to believe that supporters of the theory are right. If you speak against them, it is that Blechacz is also an excellent musician, when it comes to Mozart, Haydn and Debussy ...


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