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Jan 30, 2010

Review of Blechacz Chopin CD by RONDO, Germany

Review of Rafał Blechacz's CD "Chopin The Piano Concertos" written by Jürgen Otten, for RONDO magazine, posted on Jan.30, 2010.

Original review (German)

Well again now Chopin. The house-God is the still very young Polish pianist Rafał Blechacz, he is – after an extremely successful trip into the so-called Viennese classicals, to the early sonatas of the hero Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven – again object of the artistic desire.

Concretely the two piano-concertos, of which there are estimated 1001 fantastic recordings. This means: The terrain actually is sufficiently cultivated, and Blechacz ventures here, not least so far out of the window if you only consider that his compatriot Krystian Zimerman, one of the greatest pianists of our time at all, recorded these works on multiple plates– and in every case, although always different, always fantastic results.

But why the hat is off before Blechacz. Because his interpretations work in the seriousness as a continuation of the Zimerman’s ethos in the Chopin’s case.

Any superficial gesticulation, every virtuoso imperious conduct is foreign for them. It prevails, and that deeply moving seriousness in both piano-concertos, more deeply, lyric inwardness prevails. The works are made simply not to the show, therefore "demonstrating." No, they are rather fathomed in their structure, vertical and horizontal.

The The Chopin-picture, after it was brought into even more severe crooked-situation by numerous artificially foamed "interpretations", comes again to his right place.

And it becomes – also because of the extremely subtle accompaniment by the Amsterdam Concertgebouw Orchestra under cautious Jerzy Semkow, credibly evident, that this composer was not emotionally overcharged neurotic but through and through a heritage of the romantic Beethoven.

To have placed this into a type of musical chamber-scene, is indeed, yes you must thank Rafał Blechacz.

And I ask him to stop by for Beethoven once again.
The late sonatas by Beethoven would be interesting.
Chopin then again another time.

Yes, late Beethoven please... 

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