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Feb 17, 2010

It really comes from his heart- Blechacz' Chopin

"Lovely! Rafał Blechacz Plays Chopin!"

It is one of the messages from twitter that I saw today;
actually messages of excitement and joy have been running around via twitters, blogs, many Internet sites since February 14,
when NPR, a public radio broadcaster in US posted the article;

"First Listen: Rafał Blechacz Plays Chopin
Hear The Piano Concertos In Their Entirety"

Yes, you can listen to Rafał Blechacz's Concertos by Chopin in its entirety from NPR site
with a bonus track, Mazurka op.17-4,

and here Cathy Fuller beautifully describes Rafał Blechacz's playing.

".....Chopin was equally young, around 20, when he wrote these pieces. The F minor Concerto was premiered at Warsaw's National Theater in 1830. The first movement didn't seem to capture the audience, but the second and third won them over completely.

"The bravos," Chopin wrote to a friend, "seemed really to come from the heart."

In this recording, Blechacz understands Chopin's love for Poland, and feels his romantic longing. He doesn't sound like he's imitating anyone else's take on Chopin's sentiments. It requires both integrity and intelligence to work on this repertoire without "bending" to the often eccentric interpretations that other pianists have branded on the music.

Free of those, Blechacz plays with an unfettered fluency. It gives his Chopin sincerity and directness, without any of the fussiness that comes from overworking the nuances or overindulging the intimacy. And you can be sure that the beauty of the hushed heartache that Blechacz achieves in the second concerto's slow movement will, over time, become even more magical in its tenderness.

And in time, a freer imagination will spill even more excitement into the joyous cascades of notes that push their way through Chopin's melancholy. Then, like his hero Krystian Zimerman, he'll record the concertos again".

(Thanks to Konstancja for the info♪ and Roman Frackowski for the advice♪)

In US, Rafał Blechacz's CD will be released on Feb.23, and Rafał Blechacz is going to give recitals in US shortly after the CD release in four cities.

Feb. 26
Grace Rainey Rogers Auditorium of the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET), New York

Feb. 27
Kennedy Center Terrace Theater
Washington Performing Arts Society, DC ←Tickets sold out last August.
Press release from Washington Performing Arts Society
(Appreciate Roman Frackowski for the press release.)

March 5
Reynolds Industries Theater, Bryan Center, Duke University, NC

March 6
Spivey Hall at Clayton State University, Georgia

But prior to US release and US tour, there is an important event in Poland.
Rafał Blechacz will inaugurate the Chopin Birthday week in Warsaw on Feb.22.

(to be continued.)

2月23日にラファウ・ブレハッチのCDショパン協奏曲がようやくリリースされるアメリカでは、2月14日に、NPR: National Public RadioのサイトがCDの全曲をアップし、あっという間にTwitterやSNS、ブログなど多くのサイトに広がりました。「公共放送が発売前に?」とびっくりしていたのですが、「すでにNPRにアップされたのだから、このブログでもアップして、ラファウの演奏を聴きたい!と思っている人たちに広めない理由はないでしょう?」と識者達にさとされ(笑)、こちらでもアップしました。




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