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Feb 27, 2010

Review of Blechacz CD Chopin Concerti (US)

A review written by Baobao Zhang
Staff Reporter of Yale Daily News
Published Friday, February 26, 2010

Original review

Blechacz’s latest take on Chopin is soul-filled delight

"...And Blechacz is something of a prodigy...
Blechacz, whose mop of brown hair reminds me somewhat of a 60’s rocker, is clearly the star of the new album “Chopin: Piano Concertos.” His interpretation of Chopin’s music is original and sincere.

Perhaps it is his age and nationality that sets him apart from the rest; Chopin, also a Pole, was even younger than Blechacz, barely having completed his formal musical education, when he wrote these two pieces. While Blechacz does not command the piano like the great Polish-born American pianist Arthur Rubinstein, he plays with great dexterity. Comparing Rubinstein’s aged performance and Blechacz recent recording would be unfair, of course, but I felt the latter’s rendition was much more personal. Even when the younger pianist is racing his fingers through the allegro of Concerto No. 2 in F minor, you could imagine him moving pleasantly to the rhythm. Indeed, he seems to feel the music, almost — as YouTube kindly shows us, Rubinstein played his Chopin sitting stiff as a mortar board while Blechacz sways in circles, enchanted, even, by the music...

“Chopin wrote these concerts when he was 18, 19. It was a very joyful time for him — he was in love.” Blechacz said in a promotional interview. “I think my role is to enter into Chopin’s feelings and recreate them afresh.”

The second movement of Concerto No. 2, a larghetto of ornate melodies, is one of the highlights of the album...... Blechacz’s flow of upper-range notes rushes forth, easily dissolving any hints of darkness. At these points, the orchestra accompaniment is reduced to a merely incidental role, allowing the pianist to take center stage....."


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