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Mar 8, 2010

Blechacz interviewed before Chopin's birthday concert (Poland)

Brief outline of the interview that Rafał Blechacz gave on Feb.21 to Adam.Rozlach of Polish Radio 1.
Dana, thank you very much for your work!!

The interview from this site of Polish Radio 1 (podcast)

AR: What would you give to Fryderyk Chopin for his 200 anniversary of birth?

RB: We are very graceful for his beautiful music. I am very happy as an artist to make his music closer to music lovers all around the world. I feel double joy when I see that emotions in this music influence their hearts and minds.

When we listen to Chopin's music, when we go to concert hall, we pay homage to Fryderyk Chopin.

AR: Rafal Blechacz is a friend of Fryderyk Chopin and intends to pay a visit on his birthday party. What would you buy for Fryderyk Chopin?

RB: In Chopin's time gifts were different than now. In our times I would give him a CD, not necessarily with his music, necessarily my CD. Maybe I would dare and play something from his work to him.

AR: What would Fryderyk Chopin say if he listens to your interpretation?

RB: Now we play in a different way than in Fryderyk Chopin’s time. We only have information from Chopin’s pupils. They said about the immense subtlety, delicacy, colors of his way of playing. Now we have pianos which give more possibilities to show them. "Piano" and "forte" has plenty of different shades of colors and in spite of note description, Chopin gives a lot of freedom in interpretation of his own music.

AR: Tomorrow you will play the F-minor concerto in Warsaw. It is beautiful occasion for us to listen to Rafał Blechacz again.

RB: I enjoy very much to play in Warsaw, the place where this concerto was written, where I have so beautiful memories of Chopin Competition and during the celebrations of Chopin's birthday.

I invite you warmly to my concertos in Poznan, Lodz, Krakow. I will play in US, Japan, Europe to show this beautiful music to more and more people in the whole world.

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