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Mar 8, 2010

From a French blog - deeply impressed by Blechacz

I found a review of the TV ARTE program of the documentary on Rafał Blechacz, aired on March 7,
posted on the blogsite of Le Monde, marianus.
I don't know who the author (Marianus?) is but he seems to be astounded and deeply moved by Blechacz's playing Chopin pieces.
Following is a sketchy English of his writing, which I drew mainly via machine-translation with a minimal proof-reading. (I didn't have enough time to mannually translate it by myself but I believe it is enough to let you know how deeply Blechacz inspired a French listener.)
Original review (French)

Just a moment: Rafał Blechacz
I do not talk too much: for an emotion, it was one of it, a stroke of heart as one says, but a stroke of heart to hurt you; the emotion is really so much strong. I just heard this Sunday night on Arte transmission of a concert in Hamburg by Rafal Blechacz: Ballade, Mazurkas (including the 4th, Opus 17) and the Polonaise-Fantaisie Opus 61. A startling discovery for me. I like Chopin, passionately, I hold it for a big, what always was not the opinion of everybody, and I like his interpreters, those that succeed in
translating his ardor, his generosity, and also his melancholy, the gentleness of his feelings so modestly mastered; nobility, distinction, sophistication, retained and big expressivity,… I found all it at Rafał Blechacz, entirely true, entirely audible, overwhelming.

The beauty of the hands and the sophistication of the playing: his measured heroism and his musical gentleness, every note on the piano like an enchantment, a fire of the illuminating sky without burning, a very ample and very flexible breathing, a lightness nearly steamy and the serene strength; I would say as a living intellect, association clearly discerned of the highest intelligence and the deepest sensitivity. With elegance, I repeat, a master and an amplitude of voice resounding like an infinity - serenely. Who did I have heard before? All. I will never forget, I was 17 years old, two concerts in Algiers, the first with Jose Iturbi, the second with Samson François. One didn't know anymore to what holy to vow themselves, one was mad, one compared of course, but that means 'to compare' when such poetic songs rise, that pull you to yourselves but to make you more human, with a taste of veracity until then unknown, a promise of eternity granted by this living, unique meeting and yet unforgettable, with the value.

I heard them, the Rubinstein’s, lately Benedetti-Michelangelli, Magaloff, Pollini, Argerich, Pogorelich, Zimmerman, Kissin who played the second concerto with whims too Russian to my taste, and lately Nelson Freire, the tamed nobility virile of a temperament and faithful…
And Rafał Blechacz came. In a word or two? The essence of the pianistic art, that is to say, naturally, Chopin.

I had the surprise to note that our young pianist - he is only 25 years old - was well present on Internet. Beautiful article on Wikipedia that gives in external ties the site of Rafał himself; one can consult it in English. And the a few short excerpts of registrations shot that You Tube proposes. It is great!

Watch the program from ARTE +7
(Program available only in Europe during the week starting March 7, ---not in Poland? I'm not for sure...
but the clip of first 30 seconds is viewable from anywhere.) 

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