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Mar 1, 2010

Rafał Blechacz rehearses Gala Concert for Chopin's Birthday Feb. 22 (Video)

On Feb.24, I posted the video which shows the rehearsal conducted on Feb.22 in Warsaw for the Special Birthday concert for Chopin,
joined by Rafał Blechacz, Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra and Maestro Antoni Wit.

Video from

Dana prepared the transcript in English so that non-Polish fans can understand what it says.
I'm very much grateful to Dana for her commitment to help spread news & info of Rafal Blechacz to many people.

Blechacz's musical intuition

Anchor’s voice:
Chopin dedicated his F-minor Concerto to countess Delfina Potocka but in fact he thought about Konstancja Gladkowska whom he had loved since half a year before. He was then 20 years old. A review written just after the concerto began this way:
“It is a work of a genius. The F-minor Concerto is one of these works, which fill up the concert halls all around the world and only the greatest pianists can play it."
Rafał Blechacz is already one of them. During the rehearsal this morning in the Warsaw Philharmonic, our cameras had only 5 minutes to record Rafal’s Chopin, the one that we will hear this evening. When he appeared on the stage and warmed up his fingers on his Steinway, he was the absolute number one. While listening to his play, the musicians of the National Philharmonic Orchestra were even forgetting about their own rehearsal.

Antoni Wit:
He is very wise and he knows the very top that a great artist can achieve is still far away ( Maestro looks at the ceiling) and actually nobody knows how high it is."

Anchor’s voice:
One says about Blechacz that he plays like Chopin. Another writes about him that since Rubinstein Poland didn’t grow up such a unique pianistic talent; he has an incredible technique based not only on virtuosity but on his unusual musical intuition. This pianist is simply in love with details.

Rafał's father:
I think that every time he plays in a different way. When he comes back to the same concert hall, people say that he is still progressing.

Tomorrow Rafał is flying to the US for a two-weeks’tour starting in Kennedy Center in Washington.

Warsaw is the city where Chopin lived for 20 years; today it is the center of world’s celebrations of the 200th anniversary of Chopin’s birth. Away from the philharmonic halls we still do know so little about him. It is now an occasion for us to discover Chopin again, maybe he would be proud of us but not completely, as we can play him beautifully, but are we able to listen to him too?

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