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Mar 12, 2010

Review of Blechacz CD Chopin Concerti (France)

Review of Rafał Blechacz's CD "Chopin The Piano Concertos" written by Jean-Luc Caron,
posted on on March 5.

Original review (French)

The Very Beautiful Chopin by Blechacz

Birthday forces us to know the news that Chopin is in full swing. And yet we cannot say that at no time Chopin has sunk into oblivion or indifference. Quite the contrary, the work of Frédéric Chopin attracts and fascinates the interpreters as many as the listeners from all latitudes. The recognized winner of the Chopin Competition, the young Pole Rafał Blechacz just recorded two celebrated piano concertos. The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra and the Polish conductor Jerzy Semkow are very careful to create a fabric of sound which is dense, ductile, even sensual, able to draw the perfect backdrop on which the pianist will speak.

Do not forget that the opus 11 and 21 belong to the compositions of the master's youth, when he lived in Poland and absorbed passionately ideas and lyrical and sentimental atmosphere. Vigorous, a little bit stiff when accelerating tempos, Blechacz dreamily reveals himself contemplative as soon as the mood dictates it. It is interesting to note that the protagonists of this beautiful engraving attempt no breakthrough towards any experiment which is eventually irrelevant to this historic and well-defined aesthetic context. This means if listening fascinates us by his elegance, his classicism, his silkiness, why not admit it without hesitation by his natural and intense romanticism at the same time. The languor and velvet alongside with the energetic outbursts, albeit not so often, the most beautiful effect. Emotions fit without excess in a context where the beautiful piano and beautiful sound must never be dismissed.

As such, and in a plethora of discography where we cannot forget the benefits of Krystian Zimerman (Polish Festival Orchestra, DG), Boris Berezowsky (Ensemble Orchestral de Paris, dir. John Nelson, Mirare) Tamas Vásáry (Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, dir. Jerzy Semkov and Janos Kulka, DG) and Bramka Muselin (Stuttgart Symphony Orchestra, dir. Hans Muller-Kray, Musidisc), to mention only a few subjectively, the version of Rafał Blechacz appears in a very prominent place and will remain as one of the most memorable by his intrinsic charm and respect inspired by the Chopinesque spirit as well as text.

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