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Mar 18, 2010

Review of Blechacz CD Chopin Concerti (Italy)

A review of Blechacz's CD "Chopin The Piano Concerti" written by Capitoni Federico, posted on Giudizio Universale.

Original review (Italian)

Two hundred years of Chopin/ part 3: this young man is already a classic
The twenty-five-year old Polish Rafał Blechacz plays the First and Second Concertos for Piano and Orchestra. He is a virtuoso, but also has a sensitivity that approaches the great interpreters of the past.

by Capitoni Federico

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From time to time the spirit of Chopin decides to incarnate in the body of a young pianist. Most recently he has tried in the wrong containers (such as Lang Lang) and instead nowadays Chopin is in the slim body of 160 cm (or so) of Rafał Blechacz, twenty-five-year old Polish, the winner of the Chopin Prize in 2005.

Blechacz had already surprised you publishing (always for Deutsche Grammophon) the 24 Preludes three years ago and today – in the sea project (=very big project) of the incisions edited to celebrate the bicentennial of Chopin - this new cd with the two concertos for piano and orchestra is among the best sellers.

Now, the fact that the cd climbs the chart would be irrelevant to if this time it doesn't deal with a fashionable pianist, but with the one who is really worth.

Blechacz is precise, is virtuous, but is also gentle, introspective. In essence, besides being exceptionally musical, he is (already) mature. Those who follow him in concert realize that there are no setbacks, Rafał is always perfect.

As the great (currently perhaps the greatest) Grigory Sokolov says, the musicians are appraised live, the disks don't have value: here, Blechacz satisfies all because in this disk the 1st Concerto is recorded live, and no sign would let it suspect.

Therefore, you can respond to those who accuse the next generation of sterile outwardness that perhaps we could find an heir to the older giant. You can say that Blechacz reminds you of Krystian Zimerman ... But it is a personal opinion that borders on heresy.

The only risk that young Rafał runs is that his maturity, his being a classic pianist before growing into (a) classic, may bring him to an early downfall. As happens with fireworks that fade as soon as we have seen the sparkle. It takes little Blechacz to go from rising star to well-shining star; we just hope that he is not turned off early, not collapse suffocated by his own extraordinariness.

A very good review! except for a wrong data....Blechacz is not 160 cm, by far the taller, a charming 24-year-old artist (not 25).   

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