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Mar 15, 2010

TV Arte re-air Blechacz recital March 18 (Europe)

TV Arte will broadcast again the program of Rafał Blechacz, recital & interview in Hamburg, on March 18 @ 6:00 am., one of many websites for program announcement (German)

In Poland, CYFROWY POLSAT offers the TV Arte channel.
See TV Arte program page of CYFROWY POLSAT (Polish), "Rafał Blechacz gra Chopina" @ 6:00 a.m. under Czwartek.

The describes Rafał Blechacz beautiully.

(Excerpt←rough English, sorry)

Religion, meditation, and pianistic concentrations are very close together for the young pianist; the Mazurkas op.17, Ballade No.3 in A flat major, and other masterpieces with the same sophistication as the Polonaise-Fantasie in A flat major.

Rafał Blechacz belongs to the kind of exceptional pianists who are easily overlooked. The faithful Catholic escapes the laws of commercial exploitation, which only he can. His concert appearances are rare, he spends the gained time in order to penetrate into the music notes, which he wants to bring to sound.

Blechacz sees music as a continuous river - each piece has its history before and after, musically like the life of a composer. Chopin's work lends itself particularly well for such an approach, and so it is no wonder that Blechacz's participation in the International Chopin Competition 2005 brought the music world to astonishment. The young pianist towered over the competition on an unprecedented degree - a second prize was not awarded only to illustrate the artistic distance.

The concert, which Rafał Blechacz gave in October last year in the Hamburg Laeiszhalle, shows a highly concentrated pianist who knows to make his audience very unsure:if he doesn’t play now, he likes being asked, as Blechacz was sitting in between a small eternity completely absorbed before the piano, until he finally struck the first note.

(End of excerpt)

** The fact that no 2nd prize was awarded in 2005 Chopin Competition to distance Blechacz from others is now famous story. But in his recent recital at Kennedy Center, Washington DC, when the organizer briefly introduced Rafał Blechacz before the recital began and touched upon this topic, it caused a stir among the audience, enhancing their readiness to attentively listen to his music.

When Rafał Blechacz became in a mode of complete meditation before starting to play Chopin's Polonaise Fantasie, listeners who'd got shaken with deep emotions that Blechacz brought by the tremendous exertion of Scherzo in B minor, were also absorbed in his eternity; and the absolute silence reigned the house.

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