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Apr 26, 2010

Rafał Blechacz interview & preview of recital, Brussels

Rafał Blechacz will hold a recital at le Palais des beaux-arts (the Palace of Fine Arts), Brussels, on April 27.

(↑from this program page)
".....confirming all the hopes placed in him, he has built up a career that has taken him to the world's great concert halls, playing with great conductors and orchestras. He has already given his first recital - entirely devoted to Chopin - in Brussels, where music-lovers were impressed by his musicality and freshness and the poetry of his interpretation, all served by a smooth, flowing technique....."

The same preview (Dutch)
The same preview (French)

*I've seen posting of the Concert schedule/preview above almost eveyday for the past 10 months,
proving that he has a good agency in Belgium.
Concerts Weinstadt Blechacz page (you can read reviews.)

His interview with Serge Martin and preview of the recital was posted on today.

Original interview and preview (French)

Rafał Blechacz, the splendor of naturalness

Monday, April 26, 2010, 10:43

On Tuesday, le Palais des beaux-arts (the Palace of Fine Arts) will host the second recital by Rafał Blechacz, a 24-year-old youth who became a national symbol in 2005, the first Polish pianist to win the Chopin Competition in Warsaw in the last thirty years. In the wake of the 1st prize, he won the award for best performances of mazurka, polonaise and concerto. And to even better mark the exceptional quality of this provision, the jury gave no second prize that year.

Very soon the young musician was able to confirm a talent without equal. His first record displayed at once a lofty ambition by programming the 24 Preludes of Chopin, a kaleidoscope of the pallet of a pianist. The premier recitals quickly confirmed that serious musician's temperament and secret, with little interest in showing off on the stage. Moreover, his second CD turned back from the romantic attraction to focus on the classical universe of Haydn, Mozart and early Beethoven.

His recital in Brussels will offer a synthesis of these two worlds, the first part focuses on Bach (Partita No. 1 BWV 825), Mozart (Sonata K 570) and Debussy (Pour le piano), preparing Chopin in the second. These choices correspond to a logical sequence. We know the great interest that Chopin had in the works of Bach and operas of Mozart. As for Debussy, his prodigious sense of color is almost an extension of the audacity of Chopin.

An incredibly pure playing
What's striking about this modest musician is the incredible purity of his playing which is an ongoing quest for the naturalness. That did not prevent him from looking somewhere else:

"I would like to have an experience of repertoire when I do recording. For Beethoven, I listened to Schnabel, Arrau and Kempff. Not to copy them, but to locate their concept and better define my own approach. What that does when I play, I completely forget everything I heard."

If you ask him if he must be Polish to play Chopin, he will tell you Fou T’Song, who received the award for best performance of mazurka, was Chinese and neither Pollini nor Argerich are Polish.

"On the other hand, there is something intangible in his music where you have to recreate the vision of sound and rhythm. The secret lies actually in choosing the right rubato. And this is something that can change at any time. Depending on your mood, state of the instrument or the resonance of the room. "

Blechacz is very sensitive to the tuning of the instrument on which he will play and he spends much time for that.

"For my recital in Brussels, I’ll let me find this softness of velvet that fits well with Mozart or Debussy, but I’ll have to be able to confront forte (strongly) the greatness of the first Scherzo and the Polonaise fantasie”.

In the same spirit, he reached out to play on pianos of older era.

"This may help imagine the sound sought by Chopin, who preferred the intimacy of salon to large concert halls and recover it on modern instruments required in the current concert halls.”

Blechacz turns 25 on June 30 and has already finished the first part of his career, one where we accumulate all the proposals as a mad dog.

"Today, I found a certain freedom that allows me to go to the essentials and learn constantly new pieces. "

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