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Apr 24, 2010

Torun was deeply moved by Blechacz's Mazurka

This Torun Gazeta's article as of April 22 vividly describes how it was when Rafał Blechacz gave a recital on 20th of April, planned for the region, eventually dedicated to the souls of the victims. It also describes the philosophical discussion after the recital.

Torun Gazeta, April 22

Mazurka in A minor by Rafał Blechacz, into the depth of heart - Torun
Maciej Czarnecki

“Not always, when I play Mazurka in A Minor by Chopin, I’ve had so deep an experience as today”, admitted Rafał Blechacz after Tuesday's concert in Torun.

The highest modesty? The famous pianist – the winner of the Chopin Competition, who has recorded for the legendary Deutsche Grammophon- remarked during the debate about music and philosophy at the Collegium Maximum of UMK that he’s not matured to the delight of certain works of the genius.
“ For interpretations, you must harmonize knowledge and intuition”, he added a moment later.
“Sometimes, what was the result of knowledge, I had already sensed”.

The evening recital at the auditorium of the UMK has confirmed these words: even if the young virtuoso from Nakło didn’t try to understand philosophically the whole repertoire of Tuesday, he certainly sensed it well. He came on stage concentrated, self-confident, smiling. A storm of applause welcomed him, but when he sat down at the piano – silence reigned. Blechacz leaned intently, as if getting ready to jump - and began to play. From the Partita in B flat major by Bach to Chopin's Polonaise, hypnotized the audience. At the two-hour recital works by Mozart and Debussy were also presented.

The pianist played for so long that he was late in the debate. The organizers waited.
“Not always, when I play Mazurka in A Minor by Chopin, I’ve had so deep an experience as today”, he said at the Collegium Maximum,
“not known, honestly and with courtesy,”
then, he was guided towards the plate by the MC, and penetrated in the discussion about interpretation of works:

“Some songs may deliver metaphysical meaning and the musicology – a certain structuralization – is no longer engaged in. Here philosophy is valuable. My adventure with philosophy began from the texts of Roman Ingarden on the identity of musical works and aesthetic experience. In this way I look at performance in a deeper way”, revealed Blechacz, who will take a doctorate in philosophy from UMK.

The debate was attended by Prof. Ryszard Wiśniewski, a philosopher in Torun and Fr. Prof. Andrzej Szostek from KUL (Catholic University in Lublin). The former - leading the discussion - pointed to the similarity between music and philosophy (both are the basics for measure, order, space, regularity and harmony of sounds), and also to the discrepancy between objectivity and subjectivity in understanding music: the first variant, music is a peculiar logic of sounds, second – it creates a wealth of feelings and moods, which philosophy cannot express.

The second scholar put forward the thesis that we live in a golden age of musical interpretations.
“This is due to carriers of sound. When there were no radio, CDs, MP3s and other inventions, we were left only with scores as a record, performer’s imagination and recipients’ faulty memory. And today we have a whole lot of performances”, said Fr. Prof. Szostek.

In the further discussion Blechacz asked the priest if there are boundaries to interpretation. The pianist has admitted that he himself often fight with this problem, and sometimes allows himself greater freedom, and at other times keeps the text.
“The most important is to read the internal logic of the text”, said Fr. Prof. Szostek.

........"Play for the Lord God!" - said at one point the priest, ......


An interesting point of the program was a discussion of concert and studio recordings.
“In the studio recording, I should have an aesthetic object constituting itself. It is a particular situation. On the other hand, I have an awareness that the CD will be heard later by someone - said Blechacz.

This is about the recital in Milan in Jan. by Consulate's office there. You can see several pictures.

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