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May 24, 2010

Blechacz interview - aesthetics: philosophy of music

From , a interview with Rafał Blechacz in Poznań, posted on on May 22.
It seems that the interview took place on May 21.

Original interview (Polish)

Philosophy enriches and develops me

With Rafał Blechacz, pianist, Alina Kurczewska and Marek Zaradniak talk about life, Chopin and philosophy.

--You live very intensely. You came to Poznań at night, and on Friday you had two rehearsals. On Saturday at 18:00 the concert with the Poznań Philharmonic Orchestra. Is this always the case?

Not always. Just as it happened. I am forged (trained) to some extent in such situations. I play 45 concerts a year.

--Four years ago you signed a five-year contract with Deutsche Grammophon. Three previously recorded discs spread well. The year of contract ends. What’s next?

I already have extended it to the next projects. I can say that the next album will be a solo album and nothing more to say.

--As a winner of the Chopin Competition – what advice do you have for the next group of younger colleagues?

I do not feel like imposing anyone an advice. Each personality is different and everyone needs to know what is best for him to develop his own strategy, and action.

--Do you prefer chamber music to bigger concertos?

Recently, I play a lot of solo programs, and less with the orchestra. It's two different situations and cannot be compared. I love playing recitals. Then I’m really alone with the audience. In case of performing with orchestra, we play as a team and It’s also a pleasant experience. It is the orchestra first of all, and then a rehearsal is the first audience.

--Your life is not complete only by music, but also study of philosophy. At the University in Torun you write for PhD. Fascinated by Roman Ingarden and the reception theory. Why did you choose such a topic?

It was the great Polish phenomenologist and priest Antoni Siemianowski who guided me toward Roman Ingarden and the trend of phenomenology. When I started to come into these themes deeply, I realized that they enhance my personality and affect my interpretation. It's all well connected. I am focused on the issues of aesthetics, philosophy of music.
(End of the interview)

Blechacz received double plutinum disc. (Polish)
Review on Blechacz's Chopin concerto No.2 in Ludz "Blechacz as anti-Pogorelic" (Polish) (Thanks to Roman Frackowski)
English descriptions will follow (on weekends, hopefully).

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