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May 14, 2010

Fred Child says Blechacz is a real artist


I listened to Rafał Blechacz's playing Pour le Piano by Debussy via Performance Today on May 10. I was so impressed that I e-mailed PT to thank Fred Child, the host of the program, for such a good selection. I also wrote that I enjoyed hearing Blechacz's interview in Washington DC with Fred Child for PT and made a request to air Blechacz's Bach 'cause it's really fabulous.

Unexpectedly, Fred Child gave me a reply mail very quickly.
Let me quote his mail.

Dear Akiko
Thanks for your note, so glad you enjoyed hearing Rafal Blechacz on Performance Today.
He's a remarkable young man - a real artist and poet at the piano, and quite thoughtful and articulate about his work, as well.

I look forward to hearing his playing for many years to come.
I haven't heard his Bach yet, but...cant't wait to hear it!
All the best, 
Fred Child
Host of Performance Today

After getting his e-mail, I asked Fred Child for allowing me to post the e-mail on this blog.
He returned amazingly quickly.

Yes, you are welcome to quote my email on your blog.
Thank you for maintaining a website devoted to such a special pianist!
Fred Child


Impressively, the way Fred Child deals with a small listener like me is caring and respectful, in the same manner when he talks with a distinguished, celebrated artist during his program.
Thank you very much, Fred Child.

I withdrew the info. of SWR2 program of broadcasting Blechacz's recital that I posted today because it requires a confirmation among relevant parties. The broadcast needs to be authorized by the artist but currently SWR2 has not obtained the authorization.

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