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Jun 2, 2010

Fragments from interview Blechacz gave in Poznań, Poland

Fragments from the interview with Rafał Blechacz in Poznań, posted on on May 28, 2010.
(To hear the interview, please click on the 2nd bar out of the three located on the bottom of this page.)
The interview in Polish lasts for about 23 minutes, and our Polish colleague Dana gave us English for some fragments of the interview. Deepest appreciation to her!

"...Philosophy enriches my personality, thus also my interpretation because I give my personality by sounds, by music.
... An aesthetic experience of performance will be there if a recipient (=audience) has a little sensitivity, minimum of good will to feel music, understanding it by knowledge of style, composer.
Of course the acoustics of hall, the atmosphere like its decor have very important meaning. Some of the best are Concertgebouw, Tonhalle, Herkulessaal, Wigmore Hall. There are also many great good halls in Japan, many people in this country like classic music and not only Chopin.

...I don't feel like giving advices to other pianists who will take part in Chopin Competition year.
Every artist is different, every individuality is different and everybody ought to work out a plan of own strategy that will be the best for her / him.

"I met with Zimerman in Ferrara, Pollini in Salzburg and Maria Tipo in Italy. I wanted to consult some my interpretation ideas with her and to get her opinion about them. These meeting with the great artists from time to time are very important for me."

,..Now I am concentrated except for Chopin on classical style such as Beethoven, Mozart and impressionism. Maybe after five-year period, I will concentrate on Bach. People like Szymanowski's music too so I will play his music too".
(End of excerpt)

(Dana's notes)
Rafał talks about his study of philosophy, meeting with Zimerman, Pollini, recording last CD, RCO and Semkow, about his tours this year.
What his philosophical study gives to us - listeners ? Which concert halls are the best? We can go there to hear not only Rafał's concerts. What advices can Rafał give to young pianists before Chopin Competition. And what plans he has in the future.
This interview is very interesting, Rafał talks very naturally.

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