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Jun 4, 2010

Rafał Blechacz's Chopin concerto - impression by a Polish cellist

Voice of Polish cellist Dominik Połoński on Rafał Blechacz's playing Chopin Concerto in F minor in Łódź, on May 20.

It is a part of his blog, which was sent to me by Beata and Dana. (A deep appreciation to them!!)

According to Dana, Połoński was one of the cellist of the orchestra for Krystian Zimerman playing two concertos by Chopin. When he was 27 years old he suffered brain cancer, had four operations with his left hand left inert. Before the illness, he played like Rafał, with great naturalness, sensitivity, deep feeling of music. His CD is beautiful. He suffered a lot and listening to music brought him relief.

I saw him playing cello on a Youtube clip. Felt his strong attachment to music and the instrument. Very impressive...

Dominik Połoński's blog (Polish)
He writes that the hall was full from the first part of the concert when Brahms symphony No. 1 was played.

(Excerpt from Dominik Połoński's blog, about Blechacz's playing)
The situation changed completely in the second part of the concert when Rafał Blechacz appeared on the scene. The young pianist's playing is mature and exceptionally developed in every respect since the victory in the XV International Chopin Competition in 2005.
Certainly Rafał’s playing wins both his devoted and faithful music lovers and opponents of aesthetics, which Rafał is consistently devoted to, because his play is not moderate and therefore cannot allow followers of both sides of musical expression. I personally really like the creation of such uncompromising own musical language.

Rafał is a pianist extremely delicate, sensitive with his playing aesthetic, which makes the world of Rafał Blechacz’ s music a world of extremely subtle shades of silence - the music touching us like a gentle brush of butterfly wings.
My guess is that, for music lovers who appreciate a strong and determined expression - like concertos by Rachmaninov or Tchaikovsky, a kind of this artistic soul may seem to be deprived in full force of expressions. I left the building of the our Philharmonic, enchanted by the magical world of porcelain beauty of Chopin's music created by Rafał Blechacz.

Poznań on May 22, receiving the double plutinum disc

Last month the number of accesses to this blog Preludia (the previous version) exceeded 400,000 (411,628 as of yesterday). Could be a big number for a blog initiated by one listener about two years ago, but a small step compared to the greatness of the artist engaged here. I want to take this opportunity to thank all the people who've helped me keep on the work.

Yesterday The Frederic Chopin Society in Minnesota, US, accessed this site. The Society will host a recital by Rafał Blechacz on Feb. 6, 2011.

The Frederic Chopin Society in Minnesota's program page for Rafał Blechacz's recital

I appreciate the Society for warm and nice words about this website and sincerely hope that the audience there will have an exceptionally wonderful experience.

Sundin Music Hall, Minnesota


Last Sunday I went to a concert of The Vienna Symphony Orchestra directed by Fabio Luisi. The orchestra will perform Chopin's 2nd concerto with Blechacz late this month in Bad Kissingen. There was something profound in its sound. With the unrestrained manner that soloist Ryu Goto played violin concerto by Brahms and super quick and exciting 4th movement of Beethoven's 7th symphony steered by Luisi, the orchestra never lost its way, offering a stable, comfortable sound.   

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