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Jun 29, 2010

Welcome to blog-Preludia ver.2.0

Thank you for visiting the blog, continuation from blog-Preludia.  Here the blog template has been replaced with the one that supports multi languages because of the nature of articles posted here.

I decided to renew the entire website to add pages to introduce Rafał Blechacz to those who don't know well about him.  When I talk about Rafał Blechacz to someone, what do I want to show?  Thinking about that, I picked up videos, interviews, reviews intuitively from my favorites that I collected for the past three years.. Sincerely hope that it will intrigue you, making you feel like listening to his music more and more.

The new website is a birthday present to the pianist who turns 25 on June, 30, 2010..
Our birthday wishes

On this occasion, I would like to thank those who gave me precious advices that encouraged me to renew the website. 
My special thanks go to my colleagues: Chie-san, Yukko-san, Peko-chan and gomimi-san, as well as Konstancja, a fan of Rafał who has a lot of knowledge of website making and my husband for his wise advice from a broader perspective.

Thanks to Miki Machida
for the beautiful design!!

Also let me extend my deepest appreciation to those international volunteers who often help me by finding news of their countries and translating them into English as well as the readers who send me heartwarming  comments.

I also would like to thank Ms. Miki Machida, an excellent designer from,ltd for presenting the fascinating design of this new website and her staff members. I love the cover page; my image is that Rafał Blechacz's interpretation is spreading out to the universe to be heard by many audiences of present and future generations. 

Last and not least, I want to thank Karoi-san, my college friend and able editor/producer of modern arts for giving me valuable advice to make everything happen.

Akiko Ichikura, author of Preludia

***Japanese website will open on July 16.


  1. The new website is magnificent :)))
    Happy Birthday Rafał !!!


  2. Hi Karolina, thank you for visiting.
    I like it too because it's very natural in color & design.
    Keep in touch!

  3. i love this blog very much.. how i wish he will perform in malaysia one day..

  4. Thanks for visiting . Pleased to know that there are fans of Rafal in Malaysia!


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