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Apr 21, 2009

Blechacz's Paris recital impressed the world

On April 20, Radio France France-Musique broadcast Rafał Blechacz's recital in Paris on March 27.

Polskie Radio reported that performance at Théâtre des Champs-Elysées as exceptional.  

It quotes Edouard Four Caul-Futy, a host of this radio-show, for his high esteem and praise of Rafal's playing as he called him an extraordinary pianist and a star of the day.  
"He is presented by the press as the Messiah, whom all of Poland waited since Krystian Zimerman.

Report by Polskie Radio (Polish)
Report by Panorama 24 (Thanks to Roman.)

The presenter of France-Musique was joyful and said in the radio program;

"Audience is in ecstasy listening to Chopin's mazurkas under Rafl Blechacz's fingers... Rafal Blechacz who is a young and prodigious pianist".

↑ This is an input by Marine, a young French pianist and fan of Blehcacz. (Thank you very much!)
She also says;

"I was terribly impressed. It was wonderful, marvelous...
There are no words for describing that.
I loved particularly 3rd ballade, which was full of sense and emotions".

My Japanese friend says that Rafał was composed in tempo
and she was glad to be able to hear and appreciate music getting into very details.
She says;

"He put various elements and emotions into each of music.
I felt comfortalbe with the tempo 'cause I can hear everything he does.
Szymanowski's variations in Paris, in particular, were fabulous.

So far, I had a kind of impression that a deep and grave piece like this doesn't suit him,
but his performance expelled such an assumption".

I'm of the same view. I will never forget this Szymanowski.

Review on Paris recital.
Another review

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