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Feb 14, 2009

Infinite evolution - even the sky is not limit

Coffee with Blechacz

You can hear an interview given by Rafał Blechacz in the archive of DRS2 site, as of June, 2008.

He talks in English and consecutive interpretation follows.


On Feb.14, 2009, Rafał Blechacz gave his second recital in Tokyo.

The ticket of this recital started to sell in Sept. last year
as a part of “Pianists series by five pianists":
Uehara, Blechacz, Kissin, Zimerman and Gavryluk.
Single ticket for Blechacz was made available to the public a month later, in October.

I got the series and seated (2nd from the front, center-left) surrounded by the buyers of the series ticket.
They are not necessarily fans of Blechacz. All looked having discerning ears.

All the seats of Tokyo Opera City Hall were filled on the day of the recital.

Mozart and Beethoven were typically good.
The atmosphere changed after the intermission.

I was overwhelmed by Polonaise op53.
It was unprecedented, super performance.
(Sorry, I cannot find suitable words to express what happened to my heart.)

He permeated the perfromance with soul.
I felt people were stunned.
Blechacz bowed, with a modest but radiant smile.

Szymanowski was a coup de grâce.
My feeling of awe and reverence towards Blechacz was renewed.

What happened to Blechacz?
Did he cast a new spell on the audience?
Some people shed tears during "Clair de lune".

Autographic session was held
and the vast lobby of Tokyo Opera City Hall was filled with countless people waiting for their turns.
Incredible scene. Tremendous number of people.

I didn’t feel like getting sign or taking photo.
I didn’t feel like talking except for the time
when my two colleagues (conference interpreters, one is concurrenly a Jazz singer) who attended Blechacz’s recital for the first time talked to me.

One said “Wonderful! Especially, it was good after the intermission.
The other one said “What is the last piece? That’s fascinating music.”
I briefly explained about Szymanowski and how important it is for Blechacz.

I wanted to be alone with the music that I had just heard.
Among the overflown crowd, I found the person that I respect most about Rafał's piano,
expressed my appreciation to him and left the hall.

Mozart: Piano Sonata No.16 in B-flat major K.570
Beethoven: Piano Sonata in A-major Op.2-2
Chopin: Chopin: 4 mazurek Op.17
Chopin: Polonaise No.6 in A-flat major, Op.53 "Heroic"
Szymanowski: Variations in B-flat Minor for piano op.3

Chopin Preludes op28-4
Chopin mazurka op56-2
Debussy Clair de lune

His next recital in Tokyo will be on Feb.18
at Tokyo Bunka-kaikan (cultural center) Main Hall

**The author is not available until Feb.18.
Your e-mail/inquiry will be answered after Feb.18

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