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Jul 3, 2010

Messages from readers of this website, about the website, about Rafał Blechacz

I received several e-mails to congratulate the new website.

 “This website is more than interesting very very superb!!!”(Poland-a)

“Many of my friends started listening Rafal's music after that I had started interested in his music.  I showed your blog to my friends and they like it very much. 
I and my friends consider that what you do is great.
Thanks to your blog. People around the world can read information about Rafał's music   Thank you for that”. (Poland-b)

“I offer you my enormous congratulations for the perfect new website for and about Rafał Blechacz.  It is very professional and good looking and with an art and sophisticated atmosphere. It will surely promote the career of Rafał” (Holland)

“The color is natural with quality taste. It’s neat and contents are well organized, easy to navigate and read.  It gives a gentle atmosphere.” (U.S.-a)

I want to thank them for these nice words.
I'm more than happy to know that someone shares this website in order to share the beauty of Rafał Blechacz's piano.
Reading them prompted me to remember some phrases written by other fans via e-mails that impressed me for the past several months;

“All Poles love Rafał and I have his two CDs.  Just like You I love him so much and was wondering why he attracts me so much.  Now I understand why thanks mostly to you. It was his soul and character. His devotion to God, humility, thoughtfulness, modesty, his love for Chopin and Poland, his eagerness to bring the best of music to the audience. These days we see many musicians who are a bit arrogant and showy. Rafał is outstanding by his noble and pure character. I just hope he will keep this humility and grow every day more and more.  He is truly a gift from God.  
As I read more and more your website, I cannot help thinking Rafał was predestined to bring Chopin to the world, Chopin with true character.  The environment he grew up was perfect for him. Pious churches equipped with beautiful pipe organs, faithful, genuine, modest, thoughtful and intelligent Polish people, inspirational Polish nature, loving family, loving teachers and our beloved John Paul II”. (Korea)

“RB's playing is all in the subtleties and full of nobility and clarity and beautiful balance of form and expression.  I hope someday he will be able to record Bach on the organ.  That would be such a treat. (U.S.-b)

“I really love your blog, Preludia; it's just like a cozy, lovely home for us who care about our gifted musician…I really want to make friends with you people who love Rafał and his music. Since I play the piano myself, I heartily worship what he brings to the instrument and whole music world. I am also grateful for your consistent effort to promote our artist.” (China)

I put these e-mails here without getting prior permission from the senders.  I hope it doesn’t offend them.  I wanted to share such beautiful words about Rafał Blechacz with other fans who visit this website looking for something about the fascinating musician.
Thank you all for the e-mail.  It is very rewarding.
Please leave your comment anytime if you'd like to do.

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