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Jul 14, 2010

Notes for visitors to Preludia's Japanese page

Japanese blog of Preludia opens today.
In the Japanese article “About this blog”, I outlined what I wrote in English “About this blog”, then added the  following:

The Japanese site will mirror English site
In English blog Preludia, the largest number of access comes from Germany.  Unexpectedly, Poland comes second.  It could be related to people’s willingness to read long articles in English.
Ideally I want to provide the artist’s information in Japanese for Japanese fans, but it’s not easy to do so in the limited time at my disposal.  But I was amazed by what was happening soon after starting the English blog – fans in different countries felt pleased and excited to be able to know Blechacz’s activities in other countries.  I talked about this to my colleague Peko-chan.

“English is understood in every country.  I should know it through our work but now I have a real feeling of it in an area that is nothing to do with our job”
“But what you do here is what people expect of an interpreter, isn't it?”

I chose the current job out of a very naïve wish that I want to be of service to others by what I can do.  Remembering the starting point, I decided to resume the Japanese website.

Until last year, I maintained a Japanese blog called “A once-in-lifetime experience written by Kylin”,occasionally writing about Blechacz’s activities.  The blog is resumed here on this website Preludia  It would be desirable if the Japanese site is identical to English, but in reality it’s not easy to update everything in both languages in the limited time that I can spend.  

Time will tell.  Truth will prevail.  (Czas pokaże.  Prawda zwycięża.)
Here in Japan, news of an artist is reported in magazines and media only at specific occasions;  when new CD is released or when the artist comes here for tour.  But (s)he always changes – devoting to practice, offering concerts around the world, thus deepening interpretations.  I feel that Rafał Blechacz’s sounds are now more diversified after accumulating stage performances for years, resulting in even deeper interpretations.  Always loyal to composers' writings, he demonstrates more uniqueness but always natural and spontaneous.  For readers to be able to trace the artistic path,  I would like to show at least informative reviews and interview articles from outside of Japan.  

What kind of articles are appropriate to be put on an artist website?  To get the idea, I visited several websites of artists – unofficial websites written by their fans.  The websites of Ivo Pogorelić (Japanese), Nikolai Lugansky (English & Russian), and Mikhail Pletnev (English, Japanese & Chinese) are well organized and informative.  I was impressed by the great efforts done by low-profile listeners who’ve kept on collecting data of their favorite artists for long years. I'll follow these examples.

I was also encouraged by those Japanese fans of Rafał Blechacz who read my old blog and said, “I’m looking forward to your doing the blog again!”
I thank them for giving me a pat on the shoulder.

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Akiko Ichikura

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