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Sep 25, 2010

Blechacz and Chopin (from two interviews in Germany and Poland)

↓This is a translation of the Japanese article for those who want to attend Rafał Blechacz's concerts in October.

Following is fragments from an interview that Rafał Blechacz gave to German media where a focus point of the interview was Chopin.
It was posted on-line in March.
Hope that it gives you a reference when listening to Rafał 's playing the concerto in F minor live in Osaka and Tokyo.

Original interview (German) 
by Corina Kolbe

He is much more than a melancholic

(Blechacz talks about how his life has changed after the 2005 competition,
the importance of observing composer's writings right,
his favorite Chopin songs since he was young: two concerti, mazurkas and polonaise op.61,
and about tempo rubato, etc...)

- - The slow movements of the two piano concertos are also very emotional.

This year I will play the F minor Concerto several times. Especially the second movement is beautiful. You can sense that Chopin was in love when he wrote this music at age of 19. His adored, the singer Konstancja Gładkowska sensed, however, nothing of his feelings.  Shortly after that, he left Warsaw and never saw her again.

@Łódź, May 2010
- - Can we understand Chopin right only as a melancholic ?

Sometimes I 'm melancholy, but one can understand Chopin quite differently as well. He provides a whole range of emotions. In his concertos, which he wrote as a young man, he puts a lot of energy . As an interpreter I must feel all this and re-created it. Mozart's operas and the Italian Bel Canto also inspired him strongly. (unquote)

Similar remark by Blechacz in an interview in Hamburg, last year.

--A problem of the interpretation of Chopin is unfortunately quite often: people seem to love him only as a tragic melancholic figure.

Yes. He could be quite different, he can be aggressive, powerful, male. Any type of kitsch was what he didn't like. I am looking for the genuineness, the truth, which is already very difficult. That is the only way I can touch the people in their hearts. (unquote)

Also, please refer to another inspiring interview that he gave in Poland earlier this year.
"My adventure with music by Chopin began when I was 11 years old", says Blechacz.

From on Sept.24

"On the arts pages, RZECZPOSPOLITA sets the scene for the Chopin International Piano Competition which opens in Warsaw in ten days. The daily stresses the size of the group from the Far East, with as many as 17 Japanese pianists among the 81 entrants. They will compete for more attractive prizes than in previous years, if only to mention a concert with the New York Philharmonic  and a solo recital in London. But the critical question, RZECZPOSPOLITA writes, is whether the competition winner will prove to be a pianist of a truly world calibre and follow in the footsteps of such past winners as Argerich, Zimerman, Ohlsson and Blechacz".


While we are still in Chopin year's mode, Friends of Chamber Music, the organizer of Blechacz's recital in Kansas City, US on Feb. 18, 2011, published the program book.

Program book 2010/11 by Friends of Chamber Music
Please see pages 72 - 75 for Blechacz's program that is refreshing.

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