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Sep 12, 2010

Chopin's music in his blood - German preview of Blechacz's concert


Preview of Rafał Blechacz's Chopin concerto in E minor playing with NDR Symphony Orchestra in November, posted on on Sept.1.  Too early?  Actually, it is timely because Blechacz will be in a pure Chopin mode from October (Japan, Germany, Paris) through to November 30 when he plays all Chopin recital at Berliner Philharmonie.

Original preview from (German)

And another pianist: Rafał Blechacz plays Chopin:

The musical world has changed fundamentally in the last decades: Through the exchange of professors and students over all continents and the narrower integration of our communication – Internet keyword -- national borders and traditions play an ever more inferior role. Half a century ago that was still quite different: what you could see a "Russian” school of violin playing and recognize also a "German" orchestral sound, distinguishing it from others.

And yet a residual regional coloring sometimes remains – an idea that there could be a subcutaneous connection between the origin of an interpreter and his feel for a certain sound. This feeling creeps quite strongly, for example, if you experience Rafał Blechacz with Chopin. The young Polish pianist plays the all too often sentimental or pretentiously exaggerated works with such an astonishing naturalness and sure hands for the right mood, that it sometimes seems as though he could not do otherwise: for him melancholy and seriousness of this music seem to lie in the blood as well as its delicacy, the melting vocal and not least the tasteful rubato, without which Chopin's pieces could not breathe properly: In short, Blechacz was not in vain in 2005 - with just 20 - won the Chopin Competition, and was already one of the great men of his profession.
Krzysztof Urbanski

With the NDR Symphony Orchestra he performs the Chopin’s first piano concerto. The conductor is Krzysztof Urbański, who not only belongs to the same generation as Blechacz, but also comes from Poland - also conducts Stravinsky's "Firebird" suite and Penderecki's "Threnody", one of the central works of Polish modernism.

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