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Sep 6, 2010

A month to go before Rafał Blechacz’s recitals in Japan

Sinfonia (Sept. 2010), newsletter of Osaka The Symphony Hall has Rafał Blechacz’s photo on the cover and features an essay written by Yoshiko Ikuma, a music journalist, as a preview of his recitals.  He will tour in Japan with all Chopin program giving nine recitals between Oct. 3 and 23.  The first recital in Osaka on Oct.3 will be a special concert with his solo recital in the first half followed by concerto No.2 by Chopin in the second half. The special program will be repeated in Tokyo Suntory Hall on Oct.6.  The conductor will be Naoto Otomo who directed the same orchestra (The Tokyo Symphony, Tokyo's program only) for Blehcacz in 2003 Hamamatsu Competition for his final stage. Blechacz will perform in Osaka again on Oct. 17, the anniversary of Chopin’s death.

Ikuma writes about the beauty of Blechacz’s piano, his strenuous efforts to perfect his interpretations and how deeply she loves his rendition.  She quotes his remarks.

“I would like to revive the music of the time when Chopin lived.  Today time passes by very quickly and people feel stressed.  In Chopin’s period, carriages were coming and going and people lived in unhurried mood.  Of course there were difficulties such as war that had to be overcome and Chopin was under much tension.  It is an aspect that you should not forget.  Chopin’s music encompasses all the atmosphere in those days, which I want to express.”

Japan is still in abnormal weather.  The day temperature goes up to 35 or 36 ℃ (Tokyo & Osaka) and the unusual hot weather will continue this week.  Hope that in October it will return back to normal condition.

☆Just a personal note:  Seiji Ozawa, the conductor all the Japanese respect, returned to stage after going through therapies for the esophagus cancer.  On Sunday, he conducted The Saito Kinen Orchestra,  for Tchaikovsky's Serenade for Strings  for the first time in nine months.  I'm very very happy about it.

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