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Sep 1, 2010

A month to go before 2010 Chopin Competition (Video)


"Chopin Piano Competition is coming very soon... (only 1 month left) Time goes by soooo fast.
I'm pretty excited about the competition."

This is an e-mail that I received from a Polish fan.

True, time flies so fast.  We have only a month to go.
As a preview of the fascinating month, let's see a video of Rafał Blechacz, from Chopin
Please scroll down pictures by clicking on yellow triangle 10+α times and you'll see Rafał's picture.  Then click on it and his video will begin.

Rafał Blechacz is talking with his brilliant performance in 2005 as background.

Hope that someone will tell me what he is talking about!!!

My request was answered by Karolina very quickly. (Thanks to her a lot♪)

"Rafał says that he has very good and happy memories from Chopin Competition .When he comes back to the Warsaw Philharmonic, the memories from Chopin Competition return.
He considers that when he plays a piece of music he should experience emotions which the composer felt.  Then sounds have meanings and audience knows that emotions are true.
In his interpretation he would like to save Chopin's style.
He studies philosophy (works of Roman Ingarden) because it helps him better interpret pieces of music.
He is very happy because he can share music with people.
Rafał would like to express by music what we can't express by words".

Karolina ends her e-mail by saying;

"By the way I can't wait to Chopin Competition, too ;)))"

Chopin's fans in Japan will be busy during this year's competition because in the period Rafał Blechacz will tour in Japan

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