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Sep 4, 2010

Rafał Blechacz; discovery in la Quincena - organizer says.

Japanese on Sept.4 posted two articles, reflecting on this year’s la Quincena (the fortnight) music festival. 

Maria Jose Cano’s article “Many applauses and some boos” picks several distinguished concerts out of over 100 during the festival, such as the Mariinsky Theatre Symphony Orchestra and Gergiev. He refers to Rafał Blechacz as an example of a quality concert.
“The artistic results of the vast majority of the offered concerts equally deserve applause, with major discoveries, such as the one suggested by the magnificent concert pianist Rafał Blechacz. Therefore, it is necessary to applaud the organizer that has been able to fight in the crisis with a program of very notable quality and the public fidelity which is incredible in the current (difficult) time.”

Patrick Alfaya, Director of la Quincena in another article “The public more cautious about spending money” performed an assessment of this program.  His words suggest that he is more than satisfied, especially given the long shadow of the crisis.  Asked what was discovery, he said,
“…we can never forget the Polish pianist Rafał Blechacz”.

Alfaya refers to Blechacz again in another interview titled, "In spite of the crisis, people keep enthusiasm for concerts," on (Sept. 5).

"- - Have the great stars such as Gergiev and Podles responded? (OR Have people responded to the great stars such as Gergiev and Podles?)
Yes, but above all, the value of the young, established artists has made it.  Blechacz , for example, gave an impressive concert and received very good critical acclaims. The other day we had a concert with soprano Iwona Sobotka in Chillida- Leku , who also worked very well..."

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