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Oct 31, 2010

Blechacz's performance of Polonaise on NHK, Oct. 31 @21:00-22:00


NHK published detailed program of Minna-no Chopin: special program dedicated to Chopin to be aired on Oct.31 @18:45-22:45.

In the program, Rafał Blechacz will appear sometime between 21:00 and 22:00 to play Polonaise op.53, according to the announcement.

In the program, Chopin Top 10 pieces selected by popularity vote by viewers will be performed by several Japanese pianists and three winners of Chopin Competition (Blechacz, Bunin and Dang Thai Son).

Rafał Blechacz - Polonaise op.53
Stanislav Bunin - Waltz op.64-1
Dang Thai Son - Barcarolle
Hiroko Nakamura - Waltz op.34
Nobuyuki Tsujii - Prelude op.28-15,
                       (playing in Mallorca)
Yukio Yokoyama -
Michie Koyama - playing at Żelazowa Wola,
               reporting of 16th Chopin Competition
Takashi Yamamoto
Makoto Ozone (Jazz pianist), etc...

Other personalities featured in the program:
Fukusuke Nakamura, Kabuki actor, performing a special dance in dedication to Chopin
     (Kabuki is a Japanese traditional theatrical performance)
Shogo Kariyazaki, flower arrangement artist, arranging flowers to pay homage to Chopin
Yumi Matsutoya, J-pop singer and song writer, visiting Chopin's places in Warsaw
YOSHIKI, rock singer, producer, music therapist, performing Chopin in Los Angeles


October 31, 2010  Thank you Rafał Blechacz
Blechacz's Performance of Polonaise in A flat major op.53 was presented at around 21:20.  Full of dignity and nobleness. Very impressive.
(NHK filmed Blechacz's performance in mid Oct. during his stay in Japan.)

During the four hour live program, viewers' popularity voting was conducted to select the most popular piece by Chopin via the Internet voting and  Polonaise op.53 was selected as the most favorite Chopin music in the end.  (Many viewers voted for the Polonaise op. 53 after watching Blechacz's performance, making the Polonaise op. 53 coming from behind to beat other pieces).  So op.53 was again performed by a Japanese pianist at the end of the program.
I saw a lot of postings by blogs and twitters praising Blechacz's performance after the program was aired.

**Top 10 popular Chopin pieces selected by viewers' vote
1  Polonaise in A flat major op.53
2  Concerto No.1 in E minor
3  Fantaisie-Impromptu op.66
4  Etude op.10-3
5  Ballad No.1
6  Nocturne op.9-2
7  Barcarolle
8  Etude op.10-12
9  Ballad No.4  and  Scherzo No.2

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