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Oct 6, 2010

Exquisite concerto with Tokyo Symphony Orchestra - Blechacz @Suntory Hall


“He already possesses a master’s presence”, said my husband at Suntory Hall during the intermission of Rafał Blechacz’s special concert. The first half of the program was Polonaises op.26, Mazurkas op.41 and Ballad op.23.  “His sound was close to that of Rubinstein.”

Piano concerto in F minor after the intermission played with the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra directed by Naoto Otomo was a masterpiece. The remarkable orchestra skillfully followed any change of tempo with which Rafał Blechacz let his characteristic beautiful notes cascading down.  The perfect ensemble between the soloist and the orchestra was further upgraded by the excellent acoustics of Suntory Hall.  Those beautiful pianos/pianissimos rendered by Blechacz are unforgettable.
Exquisite concert.

There was no ending to enthusiastic applause with bravos.  Rafał Blechacz returned with three encores: cheerfully played Chopin’s waltz op.34-3, profound sound of Mazurka op. 50-2 and deeply impressing posthumous Nocturne.  And no ending to a long queue at the post-concert autographic session.

"The orchestra was really great.  With the same orchestra and the same conductor, Rafał played in Hamamatsu, in 2003!" (Krzysztof Blechacz, father of the pianist).

"Bravo! What a transparent sound!  Very refreshing concerto." (gomimi, conference interpreter).

"Beautiful.... I was almost crying..." (Miki, designer of this website)

"I am very happy that Rafał succeeds in Japan.  Congratulations!
I listen to the 16th Chopin Competition and nobody plays like Rafał." (Dana, Poland)

"Rafał has explored music more extensively and deepened interpretations since his performance in NY. " (Krystian Zimerman, from japan/arts twitter).

(Note: It seems that Zimerman refers to Blechacz's playing the same concerto with NY Phil in October, 2008 at Avery Fisher Hall of Lincoln Center, NY.  Blechacz said in an interview last year that he met with Zimerman during this occasion in NY.)

**From twitter by japan_arts,
A picture with Krystian Zimerman who came to hear Blechacz's concert at Suntory Hall.

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