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Oct 11, 2010

He makes the piano happy, too- Rafał Blechacz recital in Yokohama


“When Rafał is at piano, he infuses life and energy into the instrument.  The piano looks like living things and takes pleasure in delivering beautiful music with him (Comment by a friend of mine coming from US to see Rafał Blechacz’s recital.)

Rafał Blechacz gave a matinee recital @Yokohama Philia Hall on Oct. 11, National holiday of Japan.  Unlike other venues of the tour, it accommodates only 500 and atmosphere was quite intimate although majority of the audience are Philia Hall members (my estimate).   Seated at the rear of the room, I was able to hear every sound clearer than at a larger hall, with little undesirable diffuse reflection of sounds although the acoustics were a little sticky.. The house was full and well-mannered public were quiet (no coughing) but wholeheartedly inspired by coming close to Rafał’s heartfelt feeling of Chopin music.  To never-ending enthusiastic applause, he returned comfortably high-speed Heroic Polonaise, and then soul-thrilling Nocturne (posthumous) and lively, multi-layered Mazurka op.50-2.  We felt really grateful to him for such generous offerings.

(Recital program)
Ballad No.1 in G minor, op.23
Waltz op.34
Scherzo No.1 in B minor, op.20
Polonaises op.26
Mazurkas op.41
Ballad No.2 in F major, op.38

“The inner stability was jeopardized when he began playing Ballad No.2 and collapsed by Heroic Polonaise (in other words, it made me cry).  The segment of my heart responsible for sensitivity which used to be protected against a direct attack was reset afresh.” (Comment by an experienced conference interpreter, often working for IT related conference.)

"Wonderful!! I have never been absorbed in Heroic Polonaise so deeply as today, although I've heard this piece many times."  (Comment by another conference interpreter; she plays piano, including this piece.)

**My deepest appreciation to my colleagues who took time for concerts today and for other venues out of the busiest months of the year.

During the intermission, I was talked to by an unknown reader of this website and asked how I find news to be put on the blog.  I remember writing of it before, but it is quite simple; enter "blechacz" in search, narrowing the scope by "past 24 hours".  That's it.  And very often I get a support from fans in Poland, Holland and US.  They find news from other source or using their network.  Some help me with translation and I'm very much appreciative of them.  For example, when Rafał Blechacz gave a special recital in Siena in commemoration of getting the International Award of Chigiana Academy, the review of the recital was found by an American who did google search by entering "blechacz, siena, corriere" by his intuition.

Why do I maintain this website?  I would like Rafał Blechacz to keep on playing piano and giving concerts for long years.  So I do what I can to expand listeners of his music and increase those who are willing to pay by purchasing his CDs and concert tickets.  I'll do what little I can to help.

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