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Oct 14, 2010

NHK will air a program about Rafał Blechacz - - Oct. 31


NHK, Japanese public broadcaster, recorded performance by  Rafał Blechacz on Oct. 13.
NHK explained that the date of air is October 30 or 31.
Hiroko Nakamura and another pianist will be presented as well as Blechacz in a program about piano music, according to the source close to the matter.

Maybe the program is "Minna-no-Chopin: Chopin for all the people", special program for Chopin year, on October 31 18:45--22:45, by NHK BS high vision, featuring famous people, not limited to pianist or musicians.  The news release by NHK as of Sept. 15 says that in this program, several winners of Chopin Competition, including Blechacz, will be presented; they will talk about Chopin and play especially for the program.

This is twitter by NHK's producer who was present at recording by Blechacz, Hiroko Nakamura and Bunin for the program on Oct.13. (Japanese)

As of Oct.24, the website of this program "Minna-no Chopin" describes the program as "featuring performances by winners of Chopin Competition, such as Bunin and Dang Thai Son", not mentioning about Blechacz.  I sent inquiry e-mail to NHK to make sure if Blechacz will be presented in this program.  When I get the answer from NHK, I'll post it here.

On Oct.25, I received the answer from HNK and made sure that Blechacz will be presented in this program.  His playing Heroic Polonaise is planned.  As for the exact time of his appearance, please look at the website of this program a few days before October 31.
website of this program

**Please be reminded that the planned performance is subject to a sudden cancellation/change without prior notice.

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