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Oct 26, 2010

Photos and message of gratitude to Rafał Blechacz from Fukuoka


Acros Fukuoka Symphony Hall posts Belcahcz's photos taken during the recital on Oct. 21 on its website.

(From the website of Acros Fukuoka)
We are pleased to report that we had Rafał Blechacz playing a piano recital here, the third of the series of “Chopin Year Special Concerts”.

With high expectations on the live concert of all Chopin program to be presentd by the winner of the previous edition of the Chopin Competition, a great number of people came way before the time of opening the hall.

In the first half, he played Scherzo No.1 where the theme of Polish Christmas carol “Lulajże Jezuniu” (sleep, little Jesus, sleep) is gently heard as Blechacz mentioned as one of the finest passages, as well as Ballad No.1 and three waltzes.  We were taken into the world of Chopin by Blechacz’s delicate and powerful delivery.

After the intermission, he played two Polonaises, four Mazurkas and Ballad No.2.  We heard the masterpieces of Polonaises and Mazurkas by the performer who is highly acclaimed for the Polish music.  With the overwhelming technique, his graceful performance let us full of emotions.  Evidently, he expanded artistic capacity since the previous recital here in 2006.

The public didn’t stop applauding and he replied with three encores! Heroic Polonaise, Nocturne No.20 (posthumous) and Mazurka op.50-2, reminiscent of the great performances in the previous Chopin Competition.
We were more than happy and would like to extend our sincere appreciation to Rafał Blechacz!

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