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Oct 3, 2010

Rafał Blechacz got off a comfortable start of 2010 Japan tour


Rafał Blechacz gave a special recital at Osaka The Symphony Hall on Sunday, Oct. 3. The matinee saw a lot of well-wishing fans of Rafał coming to the biggest hall in Osaka who in spite of drizzling came to join the commemorable concert.

The strong, “appassionato” beginning of Polonaise op.26-1, C sharp minor instantly caught audience’s heart.   We were brought to Chopin’s era and deeply absorbed. As he ended the forth Mazurka (op.41), a silence reigned the hall and nobody dared to applaud to break the precious moment.  He then began the unison of Ballad No.1. Everyone was glued to the powerful, magnificent and noble evolution.

The atmosphere transformed after the intermission when he played the F minor concerto by Chopin (Century Orchestra Osaka, conductor: Naoto Otomo).  It was Rafał Blechacz’s concerto. Brilliant, youthful, dreamy but contemplating. All the musicians played a supportive role and the soloist reigned the music: he looked really energized. Listeners’ hearts were full.

Nobody left the hall after he completed the concerto and kept offering hearfelt applause while he offered two encores: very touching Nocturne C sharp minor and the further refined rendition of Mazurka op.50-2.  It was Blechacz's audience.

He will give another special concert on Oct. 6 at Suntory Hall in Tokyo and be back to Osaka on Oct. 17.

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