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Oct 9, 2010

Rafał Blechacz’s interview with the biggest newspaper in Japan / recital in Nagoya


Interview Rafał Blechacz gave to the Yomiuri, the national newspaper of the largest circulation in Japan and in the world (recognized by the Guinness Book) (Circulation: ten million).
October 5.
Interviewed by Ichiro Washimi

“The first priority to select a piece to be played in a concert is that I love this piece very much”.

It should be the biggest dream for Poles to win the competition crowned by the name of Fryderyk Chopin, the composer from Poland.  His compatriot realized the dream for the first time since 1975 when Krystian Zimerman won the competition.

“Of course Chopin is a special existence for me.  But I love Bach as well”.
Rafał Blechacz wanted to be an organist in his early days.  All the members of the Blechacz family are devout catholic.
“As my family and I went to church every week, I felt the organ very close to me.  I was fascinated by the solemnity when the sound of organ reverberated across the room during the mass”.

His goal changed when he encountered with piano at age of five or six.
“Organ’s timbre is predetermined.  But with piano you have to create your timbre.  I felt that this is an instrument which I can express myself with”.

“I want to deliver beautiful music.  The beauty contained in each music work tells me that I should deliver it to others.  What is important is to simply express it following my intuition**”.

This approach is taken to play pieces by Chopin and Bach, his favorite composers and for piano pieces by Mozart and Haydn as well.  The unassuming way of playing, quietly appealing to your heart is his most distinctive charm.

It seems that the piano competition where music performance is numerically graded is at the opposite extreme from his honest way of playing.

“However, unlike sports, music is not visible.  Therefore, grading at a competition is a necessary evil if you like.  The Chopin Competition discovered Maurizio Pollini and other highest quality pianists.  It functions as a way to select excellent pianists, doesn’t it?”

This year, his country experienced tragedies such as the presidential plane crash and floods.  The Poles were united with sadness.  But now, during the period of the Chopin Competition, “Poles can be united with joy”. 

While missing the festive event of his home country far away from here, Rafał Blechacz continues to go forth on the path of dream that he achieved by himself.

(**Note: The original writing by this journalist is  "I must follow my primitive instincts" but I believe that the word Blechacz usually uses in this context is intuition instead of instincts.)

(Below Blechacz's interview is a review of concert by Zimerman and Hagen Quartett @Suntory Hall on Sept. 28)

Another interview that Blechacz gave just after the special concert @Osaka The Symphony Hall can be read on The Symphony Hall's website. (Japanese)

I would like to put it by English when I find a time to spend.

On Oct. 9, Rafał Blechacz gave a recital at Aichi Prefectural Art Theater Concert Hall.
Comment by a friend of mine who attended the recital.

“I was deeply impressed.  Each jewelry sound rendered by Rafał reverberated, reaching every corner of that concert hall.  I was especially fascinated by two Polonaises (No. 1 and 2) and stunned to know how wonderful music they are.  I cannot believe that the music was created by 25 years old.  He has perfected the music to this extent and I’m wondering how he will be like as he gets older.  His Ballad No.2 was perspective with no sense of rush.  Really great performance that only he could have done!
He gave three encores: Heroic Polonaise (!), posthumous Nocturne and Mazurka op.50-2”.

(↑"Heroic"!?  How generous he is!!)

"After the recital there was a long line of music fans and he was busy over an hour with signing."

(Deepest thanks to Ms. Wiewiórka for the news about these interviews and comment & Roman Frackowski for the news)

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