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Nov 26, 2010

German record critics award to be presented to Blechacz on December 13


Klassiakzente (Germany) and Radio4 (the Netherlands) websites report that German Annual Prize of the Record Critics 2010 goes to Rafał Blechacz and will be given to him on December 13.
Announcement by Klassikakzente on November 25.
Radio4 of the Netherlands

(Quote from Klassikakzente)
Jahrespreis der Schallplattenkritik (Annual prize of the record critics) goes to Rafał Blechacz

The coveted "Jahrespreis der Schallplattenkritik (Annual Prize of the German Record Critics)" 2010 goes to pianist Rafał Blechacz for his outstanding recording of piano concertos by Frédéric Chopin. And the prize was not awarded to the artist in Hamburg as was originally announced, but will be presented on December 13 in Stuttgart during his concert in Beethoven Hall.

Reason of the award to Rafał Blechacz:
"He is not only a virtuoso, he is also a poet," wrote Heinrich Heine on Chopin. In 1829 and 1830 when he composed his two piano concertos, he was just 20 years old.

175 years later, a congenial virtuoso and poet triumphed, also only twenty-year-old Pole Rafał Blechacz with the E minor concerto at the 2005 Warsaw Chopin Competition.

The recording of two works by Deutsche Grammophon benefited from the impressive Acoustics of the Amsterdam Concertgebouw and its excellent orchestra. Blechacz’s playing, supported well by the conductor Jerzy Semkow, boasts of impeccable technique and youthful verve. More than that, the creative power of the young performer affects. His beautifully balanced rubati, extract melodic phrases with a restrained magic and plunge us into the 'sweet abyss' (Heine) that makes Chopin's art so compelling.

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