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Nov 18, 2010

Interviews/reviews of Blechacz's concerts appeared in music magazines (Japan)


A lot of articles about Rafał Blechacz's concerts in Japan in October appeared in music monthly magazines published today.

Report by Tadao Aosawa,
"Ongaku-no-tomo (music is friend)", December 2010 edition:
*Report/review of special concert @Suntory Hall and recital @Tokyo Opera City by Tadao Aosawa
*Interview by Takaakira Aosawa
*"Special report of piano masters-Zimerman, Blechacz and Pollini" by Minoru Okamoto
*Review of recital @Tokyo Opera City by Kyoko Michishita

Monthly Chopin, December 2010 edition:
Review by Morioka, Monthly Chopin
*Interview by Reina Morikawa
*Review of recital @Tokyo Opera City by Yo Morioka

I would like to introduce these articles poco a poco. (step by step)

**Also, in Ongaku-no-tomo, Krystian Zimerman gives a very interesting interview about the result of Chopin Competition 2010.  It is the most convincing opinion about this year's competition that I've ever read.  It is a genuine perspective from the extraordinary, great artist.  I want to find time to introduce the gist of the interview here.


  1. It would be great to have these articles here. I am especially interested in Krystian Zimerman's interview. Thank you.

  2. Let me give a priority to Rafał's article before working on Zimerman's, 'cause this is a website dedicated to Rafał but I'll do my best.
    Thank you for visiting!


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