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Nov 4, 2010

Kopernikana, University of Michigan

From Kopernikana 2010, a booklet issued by Copernicus Endowment, University of Michigan.
"Pianist Blechacz to play Hill Auditorium".

Click image, P.1
Click image to read the article. P.4

program of Feb. 11  (You can hear his beautiful Mazurka.)
program of Feb. 13  (Rackham auditorium)


Arabic version of Youtube/AFP from Blechacz's interview  and performance in Yokohama 

French  German  Spanish  Portuguese

Title of this video is, by the way, "The Chopin competition, launchpad to a music career".  But it is evident that winning by verdict doesn't always mean that the winner is of equal caliber as such great artists as Zimerman, Pollini and Blechacz. 

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