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Nov 21, 2010

The winner---Rafał Blechacz (Video)


Have you ever watched this video?
"The winner, Rafał Blechacz"
Portrait of Rafał Blechacz, winner of the 15th International Piano Competition, produced by TVP in cooperation with ARTE.

Click the picture to watch the video.

For me it is the first time to see it.  I found it by chance, although I guess it has been broadcast in Poland and Europe many times.

The film shows the moment of announcement of results and complete victory in the contest by Rafał Blechacz, his reactions to the verdict, a big applause. Blechacz talks about his experiences, impressions from the competition, speaks about the road traveled until the time of the announcement of  so great results. (English subtitles are given!!)
Then he performs the Concerto in E minor, accompanied by the National Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Antoni Wit. 

I felt that he was the true winner.

I was able to recognize a few of my friends in the audience.

A great gift to those who usually cannot watch TVP programs in Asia, Americas, etc...

I was informed that this video is not viewable in US.  I feel very sorry for that!
There are many who love Rafał's music and visit this website in States... (Nov.24)

In this context, the blog article that has countered the biggest number of accesses is "Rafał Blechacz's recital in Hamburg aired by TV ARTE (Video)".
As for the Japanese blog article, the most popular one has been "A month to go before 2010 Chopin Competition"(Video).


  1. Thanks for the info. Unfortunately you cannot watch the video from US.

  2. Sorry for that....And thanks to the important info.
    TVP was not viewable in Japan months ago. Hope that they will be more generous to music lovers.
    Please keep in touch♪

  3. はじめまして Akikoさん^_^
    Thank you so much for your amazing website!
    I'm a big fan of Mr.Blechacz too^^
    This blog is beautifully made:))
    I've been looking for this full video for long and now I'm so happy to listen to the music and rest in the beauty and peace.
    I wish you a happy new year^_^

  4. Thank you for your comment. For me this video was a big testimony, too, and I was very happy to see it.
    A very happy new year!


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