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Dec 3, 2010

Review of Rafał Blechacz's recital @Berliner Philharmonie


Review from of Rafał Blechacz’s recital at Berliner Philharmonie, November 30.

With Chopin against the depression 
(Thursday, 2. December 2010 02:40)

A blessing, this Rafał Blechacz.  The dream of every piano teacher. Blechacz sits straight like a candle at the Steinway, with a shy smile on the timeless childlike face.  And shines with half-forgotten pianist virtues: modesty, sobriety, spiritual depth.

The philharmonic debut of the 25-year old - it has been sold out already for many weeks.  After his quiet triumph at the Chopin Competition in Warsaw five years ago, the world knows him as exquisite pianist-philosopher.  Only in a very few solo recitals a year, Blechacz gets involved.  But then with full heart and mind awaken like lightning - as now in Berlin.

Chopin, Chopin and again Chopin Blechacz has in the luggage.  Before the stormy Ballad in G minor op.23 at beginning, the pianist grants himself an extended meditation pause.  Between the pieces, he pulls out a white handkerchief in order to rid the ivory of his own finger sweat.  Noble elegance and fine motor skill by flashing Chopin’s Waltzes op.34 No.1 and No. 3.  The B minor Scherzo op.20 turns into the strictly calculated fury.  Blechacz exercises iron self-discipline.  He amazes again and again with new shades of sound.  The most touching: the famous A minor Walze op.  34 No.2, with the fascinating, noble silk-pianissimo by Blechacz. Blechacz offers a Chopin without feverish neurosis, without depressive thrusts.  He shows a Chopin, who stands on the sunny side of life.

Has anyone ever belonged to these jewels so delicate, so evocative, so perfect, so unrestricted?  If yes, then, only from the most important representatives of the Chopin guild- Arthur Rubinstein, Martha Argerich, Grigory Sokolov or Evgeny Kissin.  And Blechacz belongs, he is under proof of sound this evening.

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